There is still pink paint on my palette

paintingfoolSeptember 6, 2009

As long as I have that paint on my palette, I have to keep painting roses. Do any of you use a sta-wet palette? I use it when I am going to be painting a lot. It keeps my paint from drying out. I have been using this same palette for more than an week and the paint is still workable. I just use a wet paper towel to wipe up the places where I blend when I have finished painting for the day, lift the paper and pour a little water on the sponge and I will be ready to paint the next day. I have included a photo so you can see what my palette looks like. The paper is reusable, just wash it off and start all over. Of course the paint does stain it.

A woodcutter I use to know made this brush holder for me years and years ago. It has been in my wood stash waiting to be painted. I have been trying to paint up some of the things I have collected so I can move around in my studio. So here is my brush holder - perhaps I will put it in my ETSY shop.

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Beautiful roses as always PF. That brush caddy goes well with your clipboard. By the way, did you and your friend get lots of favorable comments about your clipboards when you took them with you to the class? Bet everyone loved them.

I've never used a wet palette although I can see how it would really be beneficial especially if you were working on a really detailed project--wouldn't have to reload the palette each time you sit down to paint. ;o) Your palette looks so pretty it is almost like a contemporary painting itself! ;o)

I used to buy the regular palette paper, but now I mostly use styrofoam plates of the trays that come with meats or produce. I do waste more paint because it dries out, but not enough waste that I've worried too much about it.

I never get tired of seeing your gorgeous roses, and your leaves and vines are just perfect too. Thanks for sharing.


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Hi Luvs, hope you are enjoying your Labor Day. I don't like having to buy palette paper so I buy freezer paper which is actually the same thing, just in a roll instead of a tablet. I don't like the sound the styrofoam plates make when I brush across them, sort of like fingernails on chalkboard. You can also make a wet palette. Take several paper towels, fold them down to about 2-3 inches after you have wet them (wring out some of the water). Take deli paper (wax paper might work, haven't tried it) and place over the wet paper towels - then you can put your paint on it and it will stay moist. Spray the top of the puddle of paints every so often to keep from getting a dried head on it. I don't like blending on a wet palette because the paint will thin so I keep my freezer paper nearby.

Yes, we had a lot of nice comments on the clip boards and a request or two to paint them. I would like to offer them in my ETSY shop if I can get someone to cut the base for me. The person who made this base with the clipboard charges $8 and I think that might be too much for me.

I have been painting like crazy lately, trying to get my ornaments painted. Had to take a break today - I am off to purchase a new gold leafiing pen.


Here is a link that might be useful: brushed By An Angel

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