Digital camera story

luvstocraftSeptember 21, 2006

Since Anj mentioned problems with her digital camera, I thought I would share my story--it's funny now but not when it happened. As most of you know, Anj just helped me learn to post pics--so I decided to take my camera around the house taking pics of items I have painted. I have several painted items on the top of my kitchen cabinets so I took a little ladder, climbing up and down taking some pics. When I loaded the pics onto the computer, I noticed that some had these numbers at the bottom. I clicked on a button or arrow, forget which, and lo and behold it was a mini video! To my horror as I watched I saw the camera pan up and down my kitchen area, heard the scrapping sounds as I moved my ladder, my grunts and groans as I climbed the ladder, and the noisy, noisy bird I am birdsitting chirping at the top of her lungs! You can just imagine my horror! Somehow I had hit the little wheel on the camera and turned it to video--no way did I want one of you to click on that! Needless to say--those pics were quickly deleted. LOL

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Luvs, thanks for the laugh this morning. I sure needed it. You're a funny girl. I think you shouldn't have deleted it, but gave us a sneek preview of it. We wouldn't have been laughing at you (much), but with you. ha
My child did not go to sleep until 1:30 this morning!! Ugh I'm so dragging booty today. It's raining here anyway, so I guess I'll just do some cleaning and laundry. My favorite things in life! NOT! My house has gone downhill from me being sick.
And starting tomorrow I have to help my 6th grader build a castle from a cardboard box. Sure wish I had kennebunker living next door! ha
Guess my painting will be put on the side for a few days. Bummer. The rest of you better take up the slack so I have lots to read and look at when I get back. :) ~Anj

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Thia is my second digital camera. I never knew how the bells and whistles worked on the first one. The newer one has the video program, the first one may have had one too, dunno...don't care....can never remember how to work anything other than the basic programs anyway.

My kids are 31, 25 and 12, by the way. Well, actually the 12 year old turns 13 on Saturday...a teenager...ACK! NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!! He's still a sweet boy so far, though.

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Yea, kenne (hope you don't mind if I shorten that), I've probably done something catawompus to my camera. Can't ever figure out everything it does, but it was a handmedown from my DBro and it's time to get a new one that I can't figure out. ha Want one with video capability too. Just have to talk DH into it. :D
Your youngest is just a little older than my oldest. She's starting to have those teenager tendancies too. Oh Boy! ha You give me hope that she at least has a few more years of sweetness left before she starts hating and tormenting me. ha
Luvs, just re-read your post and still got another giggle out of me. crazy. ~Anj

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Hi again. Glad I made you laugh--laughter is good for your health. Actually, now it even makes me laugh--but not then. The best part to see probably would have been MY FACE when I clicked that button and heard all of that! Well, at least now I really know how to delete pictures--and FAST too! Guess I should share my story with the GJ'ers too--bet like you, they will wish I'd shared one of the videos! No way! LOL Luvs

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Yeah Luvs you shoulda let us see it,we all need to giggle every day,it's good for the soul!! I'm on my second camera and i still only know how to do just the standard stuff.I hate reading "how to books",i'd rather have someone show me.I'm a visual person,so sometimes reading instructions throws me over the edge.Especially when they have abbreviation that you have no idea what they are talking about,like with cameras and computors.
As long as i know how to take the picture,upload it,then photobucket does the rest.Works for me!!! LOL

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I totally agree--I get it so much quicker if someone shows me. Even my cellphone--reading the booklet, understanding it fine--then suddenly I am totally lost! Things are just getting too complicated. I don't need so many options, just keep it simple, please. Ha ha And those little tiny symbols on that camera--how do I know what they mean--I can barely even see them! Oh well, live and learn. Luvs

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thanks for the laugh lol....i would have loved to watch the video....couldnt be any worse than my kids first day of school video where for 20 mins the camera videoed my knees and crotch....some how the camer got tured on and I moved camera around while trying to get my kids dressed...or even worse...did you hear about that guy who took a picture of a teapot to sell on ebay....but his reflection showed on the pot...and apparently he took the picture naked...never did see what the teapot finally went for lol

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Mojo--Both of your stories are priceless! Guess we all have those moments that we prefer stay private! Ha ha Luvs

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Mojo~ I did see that teapot! I think someone sent it to me in an email. Good camera story. Got a good snicker from me.
The only one I have to tell is my DH had his brothers and he inadvertantly taped me saying something about his kid being a brat. Oops. (In my defense, I had a migraine and he was seriously being a brat)ha. DH couldn't tell for sure if he got it deleted, but my SIL plugged it into the car lighter right after that and blew the circuits and as far as I know the tape is still stuck in the camera. ha Guess I'll have some explaining to do if they ever get it out, but maybe by then he'll be in college and we'll all have a laugh. ~A

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Too funny Anj--we better all be careful with all these electronic devices around! LOL

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