Grave marker for a pet

summerfSeptember 11, 2009

Hi, I am in need of your help and expertise. This morning my granddaughter called to tell me that her pet cat, Oreo died last night. After the tears subsided, she asked me if I could paint a cross to mark Oreo's grave. I can have her grandfather make the cross but I need some suggestions to what I should paint. She wants his name on the cross for sure and maybe some small flowers.

Does anyone have any ideas and/or pictures.

I really appreciate your help.



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I have a pattern for a stick rose design that you can paint on just about anything (designed by me). If you would like I will email it to you. Just let me know your email or email me at Im so sorry about their loss!

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So sorry to hear about DGG kitty. Hope you come up with some sort of grave marker for her. Sounds like Kay has a design that will work.


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Awww! It's so hard on us Grammas when our little ones are in pain. So sorry about her kitty, that's so hard for a little one to understand.

How about doing a tombstone shape with the cross painted on the front--just seems safer than just the cross sticking up from the ground to me.

I'm glad Kay had a design that might work for you. Thanks Kay.


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Hi Summer

I emailed you a pattern and another idea I had this morning. Hope you got them okay as I had a little trouble emailing them. Please do not feel obligated to use them though!

Heres a picture of the roses. They are so fun as you can just about adapt them to anything. And if you antique it -- it makes it much more weather resistant.

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