Glass or Ceramic Lettering Question

susiewantsrosesMarch 16, 2009

Has anyone ever bought glass or ceramic Letters? Not giant ones but maybe 2"-3" ones. Where did you buy them? Are they expensive?

If you make your own how difficult is that for a newbie? Where did you find patterns for lettering?

Thank you- Susie

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I've never see any, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there.

I'm doing a Welcone sign...making me crazy.

Depends on the look you are going for. If you decide to try, keep your letters simple

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When I put lettering under glass in mosaics, I use a large font on my computer and print it out. Hobby Lobby also has wooden ones that you could mosaic, or you could also make them w/polymer clay. Speaking of clay, I was reading Michael de Meng's supply list on Hacienda Mosaico (thinking of taking his workshop next year) and one of his requirements was Aves Apoxie Clay. I did a little research, and I'm going to get some of it when time permits. It's air dry, and the qualities are wonderful. Google it, and read a bit on that. How do you plan to use the letters?

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I think I just found what I am looking for but way too expensive!!! I want to copy one of our Forum Friends. They wrote the first verse to "What a wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong on concrete step blocks. It was written somehow on the concrete. I was thinking that I might do step stones and use block lettering.

Check it out!!!!! Right here in DFW area.


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Here is the reason for my inspiration. This patio brought tears to my eyes. Who ever did this had a charming idea!! I thought I would use mosaic letters to do mine. Susie

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If I wanted to do that project, I would make a mold for the stepping stones. I made a mold for a concrete mirror for my patio, using a piece of plywood, and building a box around it. Then I'd pour the concrete mix in the mold, and just b/f it is completely cured, I'd carve out the letters. It appears that was the technique used above. I'd use the dark liquid charcoal gray colorant that Lowes sells to color concrete, and w/a brush color in the lettering. It's an easy process, but a little time consuming. If you don't have access to materials to build your mold, you can use pizza boxes. I'm sure your local pizza store w/sell you a few. Great idea. You could also mosaic the lettering. You are right - those letters are way too expensive for a large project. DFW huh? My DD lives in Carrollton. How far away are you from there?

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I am probably 45-50 minutes from Carolton! I'm in a town called Aubrey (East of Denton).

I'll have to look for the ceramic shop in Fort Worth next time I visit relatives.

Pizza box! Cool idea. Thank you for the tips.

I've adored your photos of your work!!! I'm a fan!! I can not believe the multitude of work that you have done.


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I forgot to tell you to put some kind of wire between two pours into your mold. I'm sure you'll research the materials etc., but to keep your steppers from breaking, they must be reinforced. Hardware cloth or the diamond-shaped mesh is what I'm thinking. Pour half full, then a layer of mesh and fill it up. W/be anxiously awaiting some WIPs.

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Very cool, I too want to see the finished product please!!Cathy

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Thank you S M D.-

I am now on a mission to find out how to get LETTER molds. If anybody finds out please let me know. I do not have a kiln so that is where hardening clay could possibly substitute. Or bisque letters from china. LOL. susie

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You can get plastic aphabet 'cookie cutter' molds in craft stores in the polymer clay section.

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maddie- I looked at those and the concrete letter stamps today. The sizes and or shapes were not working for me. I saw those professional bisque ones at the .com above and that blows everything else out of the water. I'll go and check on ebay next. After I exhaust myself I'll get back into reality. LOL susie

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Nothing to add about where to find letters. Just wanted to say that I live on the other side of Denton in Krum. What a small world.
Have a good one!

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