Best place to buy shades (Roman, cellular) at a good value price

randitaJuly 29, 2012

I'm looking for suggestions for places to purchase good quality Roman and cellular shades at a reasonable price - no more than $50-$75 for a single window, e.g.

I'm seeing astronomical prices on some sites for these - $200+ for a single window. I'll make my own Roman shades before paying that.

We are moving soon and the new home is in need of updated window treatments. Right now there are white blinds on some of the windows which are not in great shape.

We have a private lot, so the need for window treatments is for aesthetics as well as sun blocking and insulation. We don't need black out shades or heavy insulation as we're going to be in a temperate climate.

I think I want to start with some Roman or cellular shades on the windows that need covering, then maybe add valances or side panels on some of the windows. It's a home in a lake community so I want a semi-casual look-not draperies.

I don't like blinds that much as they are insatiable dust collectors.

Any suggestions?

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Just replaced my plantation shudders with cellular blinds--custom sizes and color. I found the best deal at Lowe's--by miles. They run special discounts on Bali and Leveler a few times a year. Mine are wide (76--90 inches) interior mount. They averaged about $100 a window.

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There's a Lowes nearby, so that will be convenient. My windows are single and double crank outs so not that wide. I'll check it out.

Do you recall what time of year they run the discounts?

Sometimes places run specials right after Labor Day because that's usually a dead time for people to shop.

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The site I use is They always have Levolar at 40% off retail.

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I've used for my last two houses. Great prices, great quality. They will send you samples of everything too before you make a purchase.

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I've used JustBlinds with no problems. They also send you free samples.

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Lowe's had the special all of June. Again mid July to August. I gather they do it frequently. Their price was 1/3 the quote from "3 day blinds."

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