Recycling old awards

Calamity_JMarch 10, 2009

I ended up bringing home about 15 of these glass awards...WHAT was I thinking!!!...from where I work, they are 8"hx6"w and smaller, I just thought I'd play around and see if I could recycle them instead of throwing them in the glass bin....

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What a great idea. I bet you loved and rued is that they were already mounted. That one turned out really cute. Let's see the others!

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Well Miss Calamity, aren't you just so creative!!!!!

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Very nice Janie, I am so glad you're creating again. Jane brought one over for me, but I haven't done anything with it yet, they're really heavy and sturdy,

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Great idea, and it really looks good too!

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AWESOME idea Jane! those are great!

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I was experimenting with using paint behind tempered glass.
I don't know if thats my bag tho, maybe it was just the small surface I was doing, but it seemed a bit too fussy to me...those little pcs of glass. The TG I had grabbed at work was in smaller pcs and like I said this frame is quite small, I just can't imagine all of you that have done bowling balls and stairs!!!! WOW! And others who have done whole table tops! It just may not be my forte!

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Hey, remember we found some of those little glass jobbers while we were in that little town near the bead store. Good idea. Why don't you just color the substrate, then put the tg on - rather than painting the tg?

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How do you recycle your pieces, Jane? As in, do you have people to give these to or a place to sell them?

15 is quite a few. If you wanted to sell some it occured to me that you could do some simple lettering on some. Things like "Good job!" might sell to a teacher or parent encouraging a child, for instance. Just an idea. Or, are they big enough to maybe be bookends for some small childrens' books if done in something whimsical?

Have fun, and we'd love to see more as they're finished if you're working on more. Like me, at least we're working on SOMETHING now. Hurrah!

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