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luvstocraftSeptember 7, 2010

Hi Everyone, just wanted to let you all know I'm doing a bit of painting, so should have a couple things to share soon.

I've been wanting to do some things for Fall, but seem to keep being attracted to cute Halloween things! Let's face it, the kid in me just likes fun cutesy things! LOL

Anyone else finding the time to work on any projects? I know most of us are trying to enjoy the remaining summer days and some of you will be busy with projects around your homes to get ready for fall/winter again.

Whatever you are up to, hope you are having some fun and enjoying your life.


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I find this time of year I'm inspired to do the housekeeping I've been ignoring all during the gardening season. "Spring cleaning" becomes fall cleaning in my house. Part of my motivation is the desire to create a nice space in which to do creative projects.

But the weather is so gorgeous here right now......the outdoors still calls to me.

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As our rainy season has arrived and I can't do anything outside, I actually painted yesterday and plan to finish my "bird" today....that is the plan. And if everything goes well I will start another today as well. Sure glad I did all of the back grounds at one time, now I get to do the fun part, although I can't think of one thing that has been fun with this bluebird. Well, the eye was OK!

Some of the new fall patterns have caught my eye and I really want to do some Halloween stuff as well. Luvs....didn't your do some cute spider and bats on your
B O O letters? I remember seeing them somewhere but I am my virtual memory is low.

Take Care All!


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Alisande, sounds like your fall cleaning will have you good to go for the upcoming holidays. I'm "old" now, so don't really try to clean the whole house all at one time anymore. Just do a couple areas at a time and eventually it all gets done! LOL Good to enjoy the nice weather, we actually woke up to a nice little shower this morning. Could almost hear the trees saying "Ahhhh". :o)

Belle, glad to hear you are getting to paint. Me too, just need to seal and add some finishing touches. Yes, you were very smart to get all the base coating done first. I always hate to wait while my basecoats dry!

Got to go to the dentist today, but should be able to get a little more painting done too I hope.



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Hi Everyone, I'm back from the fair and feeling my AGE. It's always a good thing for us but those long days are making me realize I'm not as young as I use to be.LOL

I haven't started any projects yet but can hardly wait to see all yours. I just don't want to start until I can find a few hours without interuption. I hope your projects will inspire me and get me moving in that direction again.

Alisande, I too have been doing some cleaning and hope it lasts for the Holidays.haha Hope you get your space ready and have time to enjoy it soon.

Our weather has been in the 50's during the day and 40's at night so I haven't wanted to go out more than I need to. I've been picking my produce and that's it.


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Hey ya'll. Went to our friends cabin for the long holiday weekend and then we all came home sick. Some kind of stomach bug I guess with an attached headache. Kept the little one home today with a sore throat to boot. I've still got my almost completed Halloween project sitting on my desk staring at me and begging me to finish it. Just no time yet. Catching up on laundry from the weekend and putting away all the camping supplies. Took a long nap today too, but still not feeling great.
I have a 70th surprise b-day party to plan for my Dad this month and then a Haunted Sweet 16 party to plan for my DD next month. Homework Homework Homework and running kids around every day. The usual. Planning to make Fridays my painting days again if I can work it out. I'm back on my Flylady schedule so hoping to get things back in order around here soon. DH just got a promotion at work so that means longer hours for him. It all falls on me to do at home. I hope everyone sticks around here too. I still love coming by when I can to see all your fun projects and I think about ya'll all the time! Take care and hopefully I'll get to work on my project Friday!! It's looking pretty cute. ha Gotta cook supper and get these kids to youth group in a little bit. Ya'll have a good night! ~Anj

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anjabee: if you've been in the woods and are having flu like symptoms and a head ache. Watch out for Lime Disease. be careful. The bite that gives you that will get red and irritated, but will have a blueish circle around the outside. It's a major concern out here if you go in the woods.

Get well, drink lots, and do anything that will help you forget you symptoms. lol

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