what Mags do you like?

luvstocraftSeptember 1, 2006

I don't want to miss out on a good one! I currently subscribe to Painting and to Quick & Easy Painting magazines. Sure miss my old favorites--Decorative Woodcrafts, and Woodstrokes & Woodcrafts. Do any of you remember them?

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Good question! I don't currently suscribe to any because I'd have them stacked in every corner waiting for that perfect project, but I usually pic up Painting and I think the other one is Decorative Artist? at the library and Crafts n Things is the other one that will sometimes have painting patterns in it, but they are like cutesy kids stuff.
I saw one at a store a while ago called Paintworks??? that looked pretty good. I think I remember Woodstrokes, but as you can see I'm more interested in what's inside than the name on the outside. ha

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Ha ha! That's me laughing at the idea of stacked in every corner! So many of mine are laying folded open to a certain project, then laid on a shelf or on top of my painting counter or some other surface. If I put them away, I am afraid I will forget that I wanted to do that project. So many projects, so little time!

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I don't subscribe to any of them anymore.I havn't been painting for awhile til the other day.I tole painted a cloth cow doll to send to a friend,then i forgot to take a picture of it before i mailed it today.So i'm going to ask her to take one for me when she gets it and email it to me..I have a lot of books and some mags here,so since i'm trying to downsize,i'm not shopping.LOL

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Kathi~ your doll sounds cute. I hope your friend will take the pic for you. I wanna see! I'm a cow fan. Have lots in my kitchen.

The mags and books that I have are dogeared with notes written in them on what I'm going to paint where. I only allow myself to have a few out at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. ha I keep the rest hidden away in a file drawer filed away into seasons so I can find things quicker, but if I ever open that drawer I'll be there all day just looking and dreamin. ha

"So many projects, so little time" is our motto I think! Ain't it the truth! ~Anj

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Do you constantly find that when you go back and look at your old mags, NOW you really like projects that you didn't even care for when you looked at it before?
Each time that we have moved, I have tried to clear out some, but just really hate to part with any! LOL

Kathi, we're so glad you have started painting again, want to hear about your favorite things to paint too.

Anjabee's pics have been so cute! DIL still says she will help me to get a few of mine posted, hate to keep bugging her, but I want to be able to share too!

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luvs, i miss decorative woodcrafts and woodstrokes too!! they were great magazines, i have many of the of them! it's cool that we could share, if someone was looking for an out-of-date project.

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Payd6, Glad to know I am not the only one hoarding my old ones. I have put mine in date order so many times--then when I start looking for a specific project--I mess them all up again! I'll have to organize them again, then I can let you know what years I have. They were so good because they had full size patterns--no enlarging required. It is hard to get them enlarged if you don't have a copy machine. Just got my Painting mag today and the majority of the patterns say "enlarge 200%". What projects are you working on? Do you have pics to share with us? We love pics! Luvs

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