anjabeeSeptember 18, 2006

Hi Nonacook.....have you come to play with us too? I just wanted to tell you how I have so enjoyed all your projects over the past 2 years. I've been mainly lurking on GJ, but recently luvstocraft got me posting here. ha I know you have lots of experience so you can give us good information and humor. I've read all your posts today and they have been very helpful already. I sure hope you will continue to post with us here.

Also, very sorry about your DH's cancers. I bet that is a huge weight on your shoulders every day. Hopefully you can feel some of that lift while visiting all of us here on Gardenweb. Best wishes~Anj

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Thanks anjabee, I appreciate the kind words. I stay on Garden Junk mostly, especially sine this forum had slowed down so much, but still check in once in awhile. The more folks that post, of course, the more interesting it is. I will keep checking back here, and when I can help with some answers I will.
During the past 2 years, I haven't had much enthusiam for either crafts or Junk, because of Bill's health as well as the 3 hurricanes that hit here, The 2 hurricanes that we had side bands from, and all the tropical storms in between.
Your encouragement means a great deal to me.
Thanks again!

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I didn't remember where you were living, but I have family in MS and LA who went thru Katrina so that is a lot of work to recover from. We understand and are just glad to hear from you whenever you can. You are an Icon of the community. Everybody wants you. ha Isn't it nice to be loved? :) ~A

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Hi Nona, I 2nd all that Anjabee said. I too have really appreciated your posts, home page and advice. You are a special lady to have gone through all of that stuff and yet you still continue to encourage and support the rest of us. Please stop by here every chance you get to see what we are up to--and I'll "see" you over on the GJ forum too. Luvs

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DD posted a photo for me on the 'crafts and decorations' page on the gallery side. The photo is of 2 candle lights that I just made. Hope you will go and look.
Thanks for the kind words.
Anj, we live in the Florida panhandle, and were hit by Ivan, Cindy, Dennis, and tropical storms, Arlene and winds from Rita and Katrina (the bad side of the last 2-winds just below hurricane status.)
Luvs, thanks for reading, 'my page' 2004 and 2005 were not good years for us, or my Garden junk! but you can see some of the good things on my web page.

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Hey Nona~ just took a peak over at your candle lights. Pretty dang cute! Great job. I imagine they look really pretty lit too.
Gosh, you just get all the named winds don't you? Do you get a lot of damage each time? I hope you'll stay safe. You just can't imagine it unless you live thru it can you? Scary stuff. I'm a GRITS. I used to live in MS, but now I'm out in Utah and don't get hurricanes anymore. We did get a nasty little tornado a few years back that did a lot of damage. Now I just have to watch out for earthquakes and snowstorms! ha Just so ya know, Southern women and snow just don't mix. ha
I'm off to look at your web page. ~Anj

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I agree about the snow....
A little goes a looong way. I have had my one
white Christmas in Rhode Island when I was 25.
Saw the icicles hanging from the roof, and made a
snowman that didn't have grass mixed in it. LOL
We have relatives in MS.
I am more afraid of a tornado--not much warning.
Hope you enjoyed my website--all 9 pages...LOL

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