paintingfoolSeptember 29, 2008

Haven't been posting much lately but have been busy painting a few ornaments. Thought you might like to see a few:

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These are gorgeous!!!!!!!! I love to see your ornaments. It always makes me want to paint. Thanks for showing us what practise can do. I love them.!!!!!!!

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Lookin good Bebe. I love the 5th ornie Santa the most. They are all so cute. What is the 2nd from the bottom made from?? Looks like spools. Are you doing another ornie exchange this year? How are your eyes? Are they better after your surgery? Love seeing what you are working on. TFS ~Anj

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I have a question. I tole painted on some ice skates last winter. I sprayed them with a sealer. I took them out and they are so sticky I think I will have to throw them out. Has anyone heard of this before or any ideas what might have happened??

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I am glad they inspire you, LTP. Sometimes when I haven't painted for a while it hard to paint the things that are so easy.

Anj, my eyes are great. Not one bit of pain the entire time and the droopy look is gone. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has that tired, droopy eyelid. Mine were kind of fat and sat on my eyelashes. What so many people do not realize is that their insurance covers this - even the military.

Let me explain the ornaments. The fat little snowmen, one happy and one mad are from Hobby Lobby, they come as blanks and you have to come up with your own design. I originally thought they were Santa faces but couldn't figure out why the top of the head was so big until my friend told me to turn them upside down, they were snowmen!! Duh! The second ornie is from Dollar Tree, like a big tongue depresser. The second from the bottom is a small rolling pin - about five or six inches long. The one with the rose will have ribbon at the top and long crystal bead hanging from the bottom. I showed the front side and the back side of the rose ornament. All of the above will be decorated with ribbon, beads, and acrylic crystals. These are going to be for a craft show our club will participate in this November. I still haven't came up with anything for the ornament exchange. I keep watching both the craft and painting forum for ideas. All of these with the exception of the rolling pin were purchased as blanks at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. And I probably got them 70% off after Christmas.

I should also add that I have painted 5-15 each of the above ornaments. Hate doing multiples but have to for the show.

Love talking with yall, this forum has been a little slow but hopefully will pick up as we near Christmas.


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babyjude~ Ever so often one of my projects will do that too. I'll be waiting to see if anybody knows what the deal is. I was thinking it was because I have to store mine in my attic which gets very hot in summer?

Bebe~ you had me giggling over the fat headed Santa....turn it upside down duh. ha That was funny. You would love our TS, going thru the big pile of wood things trying to see a pattern in some of them. Some of them are easy to see (well if you look at enough painting books like I do all the time), but I look at some of them and think....what in the heck could this be?? It's probably something I need to turn upside down. ha
I do see the rolling pin now...thank you. Very cute. Look forward to seeing more. Yes, I think things will pick up here as the holidays approach too. ~Anj

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You've been a busy lady, PF. They all look really cute. I especially like the snowman with the little bird, and the fatter happy Santa face one. Oh, and of course, I love the one with your pretty rose on it! ;o) You did a great job of coming up with designs for your wood blanks.

I've been looking at my patterns for Fall, Halloween, and Christmas trying to decide what I want to work on. Sometimes there are so many choices that it is hard to make a decision.

I've been really pleased with all of the posters we've had coming by here this year. Hope more will drop by and share with us as the holidays arrive.


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