Did you paint over the holiday weekend?

luvstocraftSeptember 5, 2006

Hi Everyone, Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. Did anyone get to do any painting? I painted an 8x10 Raggedy Ann sign. Plan to put it on a stake and put in the flower beds. Just need to attach everything and seal it against the weather. I used a "pattern" from a coloring book I bought for my GD. ;o) I have always liked Raggedy Anne's and just wanted to have that happy face somewhere in the yard. What did you work on?

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luvs~ that sounds too cute, but here I spent my weekend taking everything OUT of my beds for winter. ha

I did actually get to work on painting 3 wooden Christmas stars. I'm just trying to find time to finish the last one and I'll post a pic. ~Anj

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Wish it were cooler here so I could cut out some wood pieces to paint--but it is worse than a sauna in my shed right now. Guess I should pull out the box of wood pieces that I have already cut out--maybe something in there I would want to work on. Just can't think about Christmas yet in this heat. I did drag out some already painted scarecrows and things for fall to decorate my front patio. Felt funny putting them out while it is still so hot. LOL

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It's cooled off here quite a bit, but not enough to be in the Christmas spirit. I just had to get those stars done so I could get started on my fan blade scarecrow. I bet your patio is looking so great. I need to cut down my grapevine so I can get it dried to put over my front door. Once again, so many projects!! ha Hope you find something fun to work on.

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Hi Anjabee, Couldn't cut in the shed because it was too hot, so just worked on a GJ project instead. Also got to watch 2 yr old GD for a few hours. I want to work on a couple of scarecrow items too. I love their happy faces. Scarecrows, Snowmen and Raggedy Anne are some of my favorites. Well, better get ready for work, hope you get a chance to paint today. Love seeing all your pics!

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I made and painted a whimsicle(sp) cow for a friend.It was made out of triangles of fabric,painted the fabric,then painted the facial features,sewed it all up stuffed it and mailed it off to her.Forgot to take a picture,will have her take one and email it to me.

Luvs,that sounds so cute!! I have a tin raggedy anne sign and a cloth doll in my dining room,with my patriotic,stuff.

Anj,sure would like to see your fan blade scarecrow.

Here it's also still too hot to put out the fall stuff.


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Oh, I want to see your cow! Sounds so cute. Bet your friend will be thrilled when she gets it. Weather cooled off about 15 degrees, feels better, might go check the shed when I get through here. Love chatting with you and Anj.

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Hey Kathi~ I decorate Americana too. I love anything old and prim so there's kind of a mixture there with my stuff. I have my old raggety doll that an aunt made me when I was small sitting on a shelf.
My kitchen has cows, but I'm getting ready to paint it red so it will make the transition from living room to kitchen better.
I've got to get started on the scarecrow. I found the pattern I want to use yesterday so hopefully I can get started on it today.
Luvs~ I've really enjoyed chatting with ya'll too! Just wish we could get some more painters interested. May just take a while for people to see that it's active here again?? And maybe the change in the weather will make a difference too?

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Hi Anj, I think you are right about the weather. I'll bet more piople will be painting this winter. Now they are taking vacatons and working on outdoor projects. I think allot of people stop by--but just move on if there is no current activity. Craftylady posted today, and Kathi is pretty regular. If all of us keep posting, hopefully the others will chime in too.

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