We got my daughter moved out.....

believerMarch 4, 2009

Over the weekend we moved my daughter out and into her apartment. I really like the place and she is happy with it also. I really like her room mate too. He is a co- worker and friend. They are just friends and not interested in each other. I told her that I was surprised that she wanted to move in with a guy and she said that she had to put up with so much drama from all the girls at school everyday that she didn't want to come home and have to live with one.

I have spent time over there helping her get settled. She is surprised that mom knows how to do so much. I told her that being a single mom for 12 years has taught me a lot.

She hasn't even told her dad that she moved. She doesn't think it's any of his business since they seldom talk. Only once or twice a year at her urging.

The other two kids have been sick and home from school....calgon....take me away!!!

We are looking forward to getting started on DD20's old bedroom so that we can move DS16 down there. His request for a school transfer has been accepted but he has let his grades slip so I don't know if they will take him until he brings them up.....always drama.

He is so funny....While I was at DD's the other night he tried to call me and I didn't have my cell on. When I got home he was mad. "You have a family here that needs you. You have a husband, another daughter and a son that is sick. You should be home." I had to laugh at him....couldn't help myself. KIDS!

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Life with teens! So glad your DD is happy and on her own, and that you're 'good' with her living arrangements.

And isn't it a kick when our kids spout our own words back at us? Especially when they've got no idea they're doing it --

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Sounds like things are going well for your DD! I remember how excited I was when I got my own apartment in college! And I remember my mom helping me get it all set up, too---it's a great bonding time :)

Too funny about your son's comment! LOL.

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good luck wiht DD. I hope it works. have to warn you though...DD had male house mates before. they were nice young men but still they were guys, didn't clean public areas, played loud music late and had loud friends over. DD says no more living wiht guys. lol

hope you are dealing OK wiht it. I don't think i can ever get used to DD not being home...still upsets me at times...

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Believer, was it you whose DD had the wacky stalking/threatening exBF?
Has that all been taken care of?

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Yes that was my daughter. We have heard nothing from him for quite a while now. I still remind her that she needs to be diligent about being watchful. I know that it is quite soon after that situation for her to move out but it all fell into place quickly. I am feeling pretty good about the fact that no one has seen or heard from him but I think I will always have it in my mind and look for him form time to time.

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