2 more slates

annieluSeptember 27, 2007

Whatcha think?

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Gosh annielu~ you are just whippin em out! They are so cute. I love the look on that little bears face and the wagon is super cute. Is that another cute Rene Mullins snowman? I love the birds. Your lettering looks good and I like the little saying. Both great pieces. :) ~Anj

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Very nice slates, love the little dog in the wagon. Looks like he's saying "Can we go yet?" LOL I always like Renee Mullins patterns, and the colors. You did a really nice job on it, love the way your blue sky lightens around the snowman. So where are you finding these great slates to paint on? They are such a nice size. Keep em commin--we sure enjoy seeing your painting. Luvs

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My neighbor gave me the slates--he redid his roof, so they roofing slate. I'm havin a ball painting them!

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I love your slates. Especially the snowman. Your so lucky to get them from your neighbor. What a fun thing to paint on. Gail

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OMG everything you paint is beautiful! I just love them, I had a few peices of slate and loved painting on them, I mostly did welcome sines on mine and gave as gifts never took photos, must be a old roof to still have slate, how lucky you are to have gotton them, keep the photos comming love seeing them.

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hi from painter man . i just like the look of your signs
i wish the uk would be more tuned into what american folk art is all about. i just think its so warm and heart felt
thats what we should all have a bit more in our lives.. keep up the good work . steve

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Thanks painterman!

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Those slates are darling! We can't get slate here in Indiana. No one roofs with it. I asked my sister in New England if I could have any slates that fall off her roof. She said sure - but the slates break when they hit the ground!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kerry Trout Decorative Painting

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