Never too early for Christmas

paintingfoolSeptember 12, 2010

Yall know I start in July painting for Christmas. I have so many painting buddies and one in particular is Lucy. Lucy is in her 70's and is constantly on the road going someplace. She is a character, she carries her blow up man in the seat next to her so it doesn't look like she is traveling alone. Anyway, she is always picking up things for me. She found this cute little sled at a yard sale, never been painted, and picked up three for me. She then found smaller ones, 20 banana gourds, and a painting tote. The tote sells for $40-$50 - she got it for $3. Anyway, I painted one of the sleds last night. The sled is 5 1/2" wide x 16" long. I decided to basecoat in black so the gold strokework would show up.

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painting fool you do such lovely work!!

I have a couple of these sleds that I haven't painted because I couldn't think of a design that would work. Painting them black (or dark) definitely would enhance any design. Great idea.

BTW, great friend you have!

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PF, your sled is just precious. Wonderful detailing and this does show up well on the black sled. Beautiful roses swirled around santa, fur, hair, eyes and I just love everything about it.


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I saw this design in a book from years ago by Diane Richards. My Santa is a bit different and my roses aren't the same but I liked the placement of the Santa and the scrollwork. It actually is a very easy painting, took less than three hours to paint. Glad yall liked it. It originally had a sisel type cord but I replaced it with the red and white rope.

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It turned out just beautiful, Bebe. I love everything about it! What a wonderful friend--out there finding painting surfaces for you! Love the fact that she has a blowup buddy so no one will think she's traveling alone--wonder if he gets strange looks when she goes through the fast food driveups???? LOL


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He is wonderful! His hair, beard, eyes, nose.........all wonderful! The stroke work is a beautiful free form frame that keeps the whole thing whimsical.

Luvs comment raises my question....does she talk to her companion while she drives? I know I would!

Thanks for sharing!


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Yall are so funny!! I think she does talk to him - and she dresses him in hats and ties. She drives to Texas all the time and up north to Ohio. I think it is wonderful she can just hop in her car and go at 72 years old. She said the only funny looks she ever received was when she threw him over her shoulders and took him into the hotel room - and I can see her doing that even to a grown man because she is a big old farmgirl.

Thanks for all the nice comments, ladies. I am working hard at getting things painted up. I finished a lightbulb Santa today and I will post it later tonight. I took pics along the way so you could see how I paint it - a bit of a tutorial I guess. Later

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You're so very talented. He's gorgeous.

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PF - absolutely gorgeous! I love your roses. That is one thing I can't paint. I've tried and tried and mine just look like blobs.

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Thanks everyone. I really believe anyone can paint a stroke rose but it does take practice. I sometimes struggle when I haven't painted one in a while. The smaller they are the less strokes it takes for me.

Now that we are just a few months off from Christmas, can't wait to see what everyone has been painting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed By An Angel

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