Show & Tell Time!

pezabelleSeptember 15, 2010

Been searching for days to find a previous post that is a painted B O O letters. I seem to remember that they were painted orange with bats and spiders done in black.

If anyone out there knows who's or where they are posted....please let me know.



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Belle, I painted some Boo letters but mine were solid black. I think Anj painted some too because she had sent me the letters I used. (Thanks again Anj)

I did paint some blocks with webs and spiders. They were Laurie Speltz design from one of the painting magazines. Let me look for my pic of the blocks or that magazine for you okay?


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Belle, the ones I'm thinking about are the ones Anj and Luvs painted. Hope you find what your looking for so we have somehting neat to see. Have you taken out your Halloween picture you painted last year by PR?


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Luvs. PF.....I know someone or two someones posted pictures but try as I might I can't find them. And you know me, if I can someone who knows where they are then I don't have to looks for hours thru all of the last two years posts, although I have seen many great pictures I had forgot about.


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Wasn't me, I don't usually paint for Halloween or fall. But I know Luvs and Anj have painted some in the past. Sorry, hope you find them.

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