Vote on teak chairs to go with MCM danish teak table.

beepsJuly 22, 2012

Here's my table...

The chairs are uncomfortable for me.

So, here are some options (pay attention to the legs also)...




#4. Pic looks like cherry but it does come in teak.

#5. I believe available in other than black leather.


So, would any of those chairs work with my table, in a contemporary kitchen (this is a pic of the model, my cabs will be shaker-style and in espresso)

with Alaska White granite and a gray tile floor?

I don't live near a store that carries the chairs (except the last one) so I would have to purchase without trying the chair. Ironic since the ones I'll be getting rid of aren't comfortable for me and now I'm thinking of buying some without trying them. Oh well.

So, which one do you like? Or, are there others that would work with the table and kitchen? I've not had a lot of luck finding teak chairs. Or, should I not worry about getting teak? I will have a teak coffee table (and maybe a wall unit) in the living room so there will be some repeat of teak nearby.

Thanks in advance.

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If the store near you carries the last one, and you try it and it's comfortable, and you like it ok then I'd get that one. Hate for you to replace uncomfortable chairs with more uncomfortable chairs!

I don't like #4. It just looks uncomfortable.

Going by looks, I'd pick $1 or #6.

Pretty set. Too bad those chairs are uncomfortable because they are nice looking.

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#2. I like the plain upholstered back.

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I would pick #5 if you could get something other than black leather.

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I love number 2 (where did you find it?). I also like 4, if you want to go with rounded legs.

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Thanks for comments and votes!

Cotton - this is a set I got from my parents two years ago when my dad moved into an independent living facility. Not quite my taste (esp. the chairs), but pretty and well-made stuff. The chairs are actually Hans Wegner which means nothing to me but a lot to MCM fans. So, I understood well what you were going through when deciding whether or not to take your gma's "well-made but not quite your style" stuff.

Sochi - I found them at the link below - Scan Design Furniture. Word of warning - it's a dangerous site/store if you like Scandinavian type furniture. =) They only have stores in Washington and Oregon. Bummer for the rest of us! I have a friend in Portland who could go try them for me, but I'm tall and she's not and so it probably wouldn't really be of much help! I think if I decide on one of their chairs I'll order one, see how I like it, and then order the rest if it is a go.

Thanks pal and gsciencechick. =)

Here is a link that might be useful: Scan Design Site

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Thanks beeps. I just spent 30 minutes visiting that site! Yes, I love Scandinavian furniture and design. Gorgeous stuff.

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#2 in black leather

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Of those, I like number 2. But I think I might go in a totally different direction. Something white, maybe. There was a recent thread where someone was looking for modern white breakfast room chairs. There are a lot of good options in there.

Or how about mixing the chairs you have with two new host chairs? The Wegner chairs are just beautiful, and in such good condition.

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Humm... more good suggestions. Thanks.

kswl - I don't think that one comes in anything but the "Zen White." I can check, though.

jakabedy - Interesting you mention that because the first two white chairs that the OP was sending back I liked and I tried to find something like that in teak. No luck. The thought of getting two host chairs and keeping the others is something I hadn't thought about. Would the woods need to match? I'm so bad with non-matching stuff. And, thanks. The chairs are in amazing condition. No denying that. =)

What are some examples of host chairs you think might work? Or would one of the above work? (Not the ones with the teak backs I wouldn't think. Would have to be #2 or 5 - one of the ones with upholstery. And #2 doesn't come in a model with arms, don't know about 5.)

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Hmm.... with 4 black dogs something like this would be fabulous. :) But do you think something like this might work? Not as big as a host chair but this size is probably better.

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I would say #2 would be my second choice.

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Number 2 would be my choice. Check the measurements of the back of the chair and gauge it to your own chair. You don't want it to be too high and overpower the looks of the attractive table.

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beeps - I really like that white skirted chair. Regarding whether the woods should match, I think the answer is that woods never really match. There is always some variation. So I think something all white, or all metal, etc., would be the way to go.

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If you're considering chairs with arms, be careful with your measurements.

The arms must be low enough to fit under the table.

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I really think #2 is gorgeous! I vote #2

Keep us posted!


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I wasn't excited about any of the choices. I think I would forget finding teak for a moment and instead look for something that's still mid-century modern, but of different materials...the ant chair in white maybe...Bertoia chrome with a cushion... For certain, I would sit in the chairs before I bought them. Nobody wants to spend money on an uncomfortable chair.

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I like #2 best.

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All of these are on today. Any of them look interesting to you?

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Wow. Thanks for the votes and all the things to think about... chair height, arm height, etc.

It looks like #2 is the favorite, and I will admit it is my favorite too. At first I preferred #3 but then realized the back was not right for the table. #2 is very classic looking and works well I think.

Fun2BHere - Never heard of an ant chair before but when I googled it I laughed because you can sure see how it gets it's name! :) And I liked the things you showed enough to join ruelala - which I'd never heard of before. I kind of like the second one, I just don't like the fabric. They had two different fabrics shown and I didn't care for either one. I'm going to have a pop of plum in the living room. It would be fun to do those chairs in plum. They are available on O right now too. The problem is they aren't any higher than the Wegner chairs and those are too low for me... and that's odd because I'm tall.

So... if I keep the current chairs and get two more should I get #2, the white skirted chair, or the Forza shown in Fun's post? Thanks again!

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I like the Forza chair with arms too.

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So many options...I can't wait to see what you decide! :-)

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OMGoodness! Chair #2 is $299. I can do that. But shipping is $300! Per chair!! Ouch! Such a bummer. And that would be sight unseen and never having sat in the chair. And all the chairs in my initial post except #6 are from the same store. #6 I could get locally.

The white skirted chair is Ikea for $110. And there is an Ikea that is local for me. So, it looks like Ikea for the win! So not practical with my dogs, but... Although I may keep thinking about the Forza chairs too. I think those would actually go better because they are MCM style but I don't like the fabric much. Have to see if there are any in a fabric I like better.

Moral: Don't fall in love with something until you get all the particulars. :) I expected the chair to cost about that much. I did not expect shipping to be anywhere near that much. Lesson learned. =)

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$300 per chair? That is nuts. I don't suppose you were planning a road trip to the coast in the near future? What a shame.

Good luck with your final choice.

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Thanks sochi. Don't fall in love with any of their stuff! :)

My sister was just up there with her *huge* RV and could have brought them down. I'm a month too late. Argh! But I'm trying to think about whether there is a cheaper way. A friend of mine is flying up there tomorrow and could bring them back on the plane and just pay that but he won't really have time to mess about with it. I'll figure something out. Maybe. =)

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I like #2 the best. #6 is also interesting but maybe with a different cushion.

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I only like #4, but more by default. I think you should have round legs with that table. It does look like it would be uncomfortable, but maybe you've tried it. Honestly I like your current chairs the best, but I can understand wanting to replace them if they are uncomfortable.

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Another thing is the wood tones don't appear like they would work well with your table.

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Wait, did I miss something here? Your looking for chairs for a table that is "not quite my taste"???? Tables are a dime a dozen (IMHO) to find on CL or wherever but chairs cost a fortune (did I read $300 to ship????). But it's pretty and well made? I'd find something I really like and sell this as it is to someone who loves MCM. Good luck.

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I actually have the #1 chairs in my pretty much unused and somewhat barren dining room. They are about 11 years old with about 4 years of daily use and 5 years of occasional use. The shape of the back is decently comfortable with nice lower back support, but I would not want to sit in them for an extended number of hours. I don't really like the fabric (attracts cat fur), but they would be easy to recover down the road.

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I actually like your present chairs best with your table. One main is the round legs. Your other choices presented all have square legs which seem to fight with the round legs of the table.

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Prefer the originals, but not good if not comfy. 2 or 6, but if the table isn't your style why not sell or donate it and start anew with what fits your taste?

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