New member with question about painting on plastic

neeser01September 15, 2010


I have been looking all over the place for paint suitable for plastic and have had no luck other than the Deco Color Paint pens. The Deco Color pens work wonderfully, but unfortunately, Michaels by me has stopped carrying them in favor of the Sharpie paint pens, which scratch quite easily. I paint children's plastic storage bins and since the Deco pens can only be ordered online now, I need an alternate brand. Can anyone suggest a particular paint for plastic that won't scratch off? I have found plenty of Acrylic paint by Apple Barrel, etc at Wal-Mart and Michael's, but no plastic paint, and no enamels, either (maybe I am looking in the wrong spot?)

Any and all help/advice is TREMENDOUSLY appreciated.



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Hi Denise, and welcome to the forum. Gosh, I've not painted on plastic so have no experience to share. I know there are special products you can by for glass & tile and candles & soap--maybe there's one for plastics!

If I wanted to do something plastic, I'd probably spray some Krylon Matte 1311 on the area first, just paint with my acrylic paint, then spray the sealer on a couple more times to hopefully keep it from getting scratched.

Let's hope someone else on here can offer better advice.

Hope you will take time to share some pics of your projects with us, we love seeing what everyone creates.


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Plaid makes a craft paint for plastics. I would call Michael's to see if your store carries it. Otherwise, the model car section (also in Michael's) has enamel paints.

And of course for an all-over color Krylon works great. Like Luvs said, you can always paint it then seal it.

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Denise, Welcome, wish I had some answers for you but have not painted much on plastic. Are you painting on the plastic storage bins or are you painting the whole bin?

Hope you will share pictures when you get some done.


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Hi Denise. I have painted on plastic using Plaids 'Paint for Plastic' with great success. If used properly it will become permanent when cured. I've used it on both plastic buckets and summer acrylic picnicware that shows up in all of the stores around Springtime.

Back in 2002 I painted some acrylic picnic wine goblets for my sisters and myself for a weekend getaway. Now we take them with us whenever any of us travel together (it's sort of a Ya-Ya Sisterhood thing). lol
Two of us used them last October for a week getaway down the coast and just this last weekend another one of my sisters and myself used those same goblets for a 4 day getaway. They all look as good as the day I painted them and none of the paint has ever chipped off from us packing them around in suitcases and hand washing them.

The 2 things to remember when using ANY specialty paint to assure it becomes permanent:

1) Be sure to read the instructions on cleaning the surface before painting, and

2) Be sure to let it cure for the right amount of time.

DRY paint and CURED paint are not the same thing. Paint can dry to the touch very quickly but it takes about 2 weeks for paint to cure and adhere securely to the surface.

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