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kkscrafthavenSeptember 12, 2009

I dont use photobucket but I think I figured out how to post from my horse site. This is just some of my painting stuff. Thanks for letting me share.

This is one that was published by BHG

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KK, these are so cute. Love the little house and to be published in BHG - that is wonderful. We have several great painters on this forum and some who have been around for a long time. I first found THS in 1998, I think. But I am really bad with remembering my passwords and had to come back with a different sign in name. You will love what they do - everything from Prims, Americana, Florals, and the thing we all really love - Whimsey. Good to have you join us and glad you found out how to post. I only know one way and that is to add the photo to my post here on discussions. I think Anj wrote a tutorial on how to do it and I printed it out (wrote my sign in and password on it) and saved it. Would love to see some of your other items. You are a really good painter. Are you a member of Society of Decorative Painters?

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Good Morning,

I must say what a wonderful greeting to come here and have your paintings to enjoy this morning. I enjoyed seeing the gourds and your painting is great. I really like the Christmas house with all the greenery and berries. Love the lights you hung around the top. Wish I could enlarge it and would be able to enjoy more of the other details.

Is your home painting on the front of a magazine? Hope you will continue to come join us here and post more of your projects.


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Your gourds are great--love the redbird and the sign the snowman is holding and your shading on the hearts is so good. I would never have thought to do the ghost on top of the pumpkin--very clever. Your birdhouse is beautiful--certainly too pretty to put outside! Glad you figured out how to post pics. ;o) Luvs

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Thank you all so much! Wow looking around you all paint beautifully! I dont think anyone here needs any help from me LOL. Some of the santas are just stunning. I wish I had made a better copy of the Birdhouse out of that magazine but it was really hard to scan it. Originally I was told it would be on the cover and then I got bumped at the last minute. This was the Christmas issue. The bushes have tiny cardinals painted on them, then a sled on one side and a snowman on the other side. I think the best part of being published is all the people you meet from across the United States that write and email. So much fun!

I took a few years off after we moved here to Ohio and Im just really ready to paint and teach again. Its just hard as hubbys job as made him move so many times and I felt like I was always starting over again. When we lived in Illinois I did live painting tips on the noon news. Now that was a hoot! Since it was live if I messed up I had to try and recover and move on and believe me I messed up plenty :)

I need to sign back up as a member of the Society of Decorative Painters. Years ago I went to the convention and that was so fun. Got to meet Donna Dewberry, Priscilla Hauser etc.

Now I just feel so out of the loop!

Thanks again for making me feel so welcome to your group


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Kay, most of those santas were painted by Bebe aka Painting Fool. She is a marvelous painter and belongs to the SDP and often teaches classes at her chapter meetings. The two of you will probably have allot in common. Punk is our "speed demon", she whips a project out as quick as a wink it seems and does a beautiful job. She owns her own company and works some really long hours at times so we love it that she makes time to paint and share with us. Belle is also a pretty fast painter it seems and turns out some wonderful projects too. She and her hubby are always helping out a friend or neighbor and on the go. Anjabee aka Anj is self taught and such a neat painter. She paints the really small projects just as neat as a pin down to the very tinest of details. She is a very busy Mom with four younguns, and tries her best to squeeze in time to paint at least once a week. I seem to have the most time since DH and I are both retired--but I find that I procrastinate way too much! I do "crafty" painting and seem to lean towards the cutesy type things.

We all love this forum and get excited when someone else comes to join in. Some days none of us have anything to post pics of, so we just head over to the conversation side to say hello and chat about whatever is on our minds.

I'm not really sure why we have the gallery and the discussion side for posting our pics, but I think it is so more of the project posts stay on here longer. After so many posts, they "drop off".

We love to hear tips or about a new product, or even ideas on how to display our projects. I'm just sure you have many stories to tell from your years of teaching classes and I'd love to hear them. You are living in Ohio now, isn't that where the big HOOT painting convention takes place? And I think Ohio has lots of craft shows too, I often see them listed in some of my painting magazines. Maybe you could join us on the conversation side and tell us more about the horses too, I'd love that.

Looking forward to getting to know you better, and you are very welcome here. ;o)


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Kay..........You work is lovely or beautiful or so well done or so light hearted, no it is all of the above. And to be published anywhere in a mag is awesome.

Luvs was right on the spot when she described us, only kind when she came to me....I am the "most absent one" and then when I do post you can call it a book. Luv on the other hand is the one who, with the help of a couple of others, really keep the post going.

I, too want to add my hopes that you return often and post more pictures. It is for me, always a "pick me up" or maybe more like "get up and get painting" when I see what others have been doing. And I for one need lots of tips, I am self taught and almost gave up the first few years - I know I removed more paint than was left on a piece.

See, I started another chapter of my book! Please come back!


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KK, what Luvs didn't tell you is that she is a beautiful painter and probably the one who keeps us going on this forum. I would say she is the "Big Momma" of the painting forum but I can't because I am probably older than her.

Have you been to HOOT? I went in 2007 and loved it but it is a 14 hour drive from my home. I just got back from the Houston Art Expo in July - not as big as HOOT but just as much fun. I hope to attend the National Convention next year in Wichita but if I go I am going to fly. I just may decide to hit Vegas in February instead, so my hubby has something to do while I am painting, he can play poker.

What is everyone working on?? I finished off the pink paint and now I am working on Santas. I have several things like small rolling pins that all I paint on them is a Santa face and I have a few gingerbread men with tiny rolling pins - I just need to stay away from the stores and not buy anything else until I finish with all the things I have previously purchased.
Talk to yall later.

Here is a link that might be useful: brushed By An Angel

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Bebe, If you decide to go to Vegas let me know, okay? We are about four hours from there and maybe I could talk DH into going up so I could meet up with you and tour the convention--I've never gone! Thanks for the kind words--we won't discuss age, okay? I just love this forum and having all of you to chat with and share ideas and projects with. Luvs

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I looked up HOOT and dang it I just missed it! I had no idea they had such a large chapter here. Their office is not far at all from where I live. Thank you all so much for the info!

Its so nice getting to read about all of you and get to know you better.

I started some gourds yesterday with butterflies. I cant believe that in all my years I have never painted butterflies, so its a new challenge. Im also going to try to do some filigree carving on it. Wish me luck I think Im going to need it


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Luvs, that would be great. You would love Convention - especially the sales floor. I'm not crazy about taking classes while there but I do like to shop. If I go, you will be the first person I call. Won't it be fun?

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Kay, When you showed us your birdhouse design, I thought it looked really familar to me. I sat tonight and thumbed through some of my magazines and sure enough I found it! It's in the December 1999 issue of Decorative Woodcrafts magazine. I think it is really adorable, and you added so many nice details on it. ;o) Luvs

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