Anyone here on Etsy?

kkscrafthavenSeptember 25, 2009

I finally opened an Etsy store. I only have a few patterns and one gourd on it. Supposed to be the place to sell arts and crafts. Wondering what others think of it

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I think Painting Fool aka Bebe, has opened one now. There seem to be allot of bloggers who have Etsy stores. Most say the price is much better than trying to sell on ebay. Good luck with your's. Luvs

Here's a link to Bebe's blog and you can probably find a link to her etsy from there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed by an Angel blog

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pezabelle give already with the info for your site!


PS lots of luck tooooo

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Hi yall, I joined ETSY last month but haven't had any sales yet. I did have someone contact me about buying some of the items but I think they were trying to scam me. None of what she wanted sounded appropriate and when I told her she would have to go through ETSY to pay (she wanted to pay me and have her shipping agency pick up the items) she didn't return my email. So, I plan to put several more items on there this week and then I will purchase an ad on the front page. It is really easy and only costs you 20 cents to place an item in your shop and then 3.5% of your sales goes to ETSY. I am going to give it a try for a while but if I don't do much over the holidays, I will probably pull out.

I checked out your shop and it looks nice. Good luck with it. If anyone is ever interested in looking up a shop on ETSY, most are in the painter/crafter's business name, like mine is For KK's, I just went to ETSY, where it says handmade, I clicked on it and went down to sellers. I then typed in kkscrafthaven and her site opened up. When it comes up just click on the name next to her avatar and the shop opens.

KK, a lot of people are also selling things on their blog, they operate it just like a regular website. If you haven't done this yet, email me at and I will explain some of the things I have learned over the past year.

Also, I am going to have my first year anniversary on my blog next month. Keep watching (or become a follower) to enter my giveaway. I will have a lot of items big and small, some painted and others not, to give away. The giveaways are always so much fun - although I have not won one yet, I still enter them for fun. Once you have a blog, you can become a follower of other blogs. Then when they make a new post, it will show up on your dashboard to read. I have made quite a few painting friends and friends that just love tablescaping or decorating their homes.

OK, talking too much I think, later

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Thanks so much bebe.

I joined a couple weeks ago and have sold one pattern. I do think its probably hardest in the beginning to get going as you can get lost in the crowd. I dont have much on mine yet and Im sure that doesnt help. Ebay is really getting expensive! I was thinking of just making my own website as I make sites for a lot of other people but I need to have more stuff first :)

I think its so odd to use a blog as a website?? I have to go look at yours

Thanks for the thoughts

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