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blitzyblond_protegeSeptember 22, 2010

I just found this forum because I can't sleep tonight. I have no talent for painting, but I have a few disconnected ideas someone might find interesting.

First: there is a show on our local public broadcasting network that "teaches different painting techniques" called the Happy Paintbrush, someone might be able to order copies of the show for ideas. Watch him on the net to see his style. I don't paint but the guy is always painting very delightful scenes, so i watch.

Second: I once lived near a group of people that still lived much like the Amish. Some of them would take old saws or saw-blades and do tole painting on them. They used every type of blade from the big two-man pull saws to the round blades for modern table-top saws. They painted mountain scenes, seascapes, squirrels, pine-cones,... and they sold them at local craft fairs and made well.

Last: an art called Liquid embroidery was popular a few years back and they had a few pattern books out and the works turned out looking very similar to tole painting. perhaps someone could look in those books for ideas.

Hope I haven't stepped on any one's toes by chiming in when I don't paint. I'll disappear now and hopefully there won't be too many nights that I can't sleep.

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Good Morning and welcome to our forum. You don't have to paint to join us. I will try to find the Happy Paintbrush. Sounds like a channel I'd love to watch.

I have painted on a few saw blades and after reading your post, I may get back to painting on them. Thanks. I have alot on hand just haven't painted any for years.

I have a full set of liquid embroidery paints. In the 80's, some of us ladies would have parties and paint with them. I still have this picture that hangs in one of our spare bedrooms. DM and I each bought one and painted them for our homes.

Sorry you wasn't able to sleep. I have an early morning appointment so am up and at it. Please come back and join us any time.


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Good morning! Punk is right..you don't have to paint to join us. There is always someone here to chat it up.

Sawblades are still a popular painting surface especially for those of us that recycle used surfaces for painting.

I finally gave up my liquid embroidery paints. I was a Tri-Chem instructor many moons ago in another lifetime. From there I went to oils, tube acrylics, and now bottled acrylics.
If you've never tried painting you should give it a try. Decorative painting can be learned and can be very relaxing. If you prefer just slapping something on a canvas that works too! There are no rules in art. Just be creative and have fun!

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Hi Blitzyblonde, glad you ran across our forum. Hope you found some interesting things to look at. Did you notice that there is a Gallery side on this forum? Lots more pics over there.

We always enjoy comments and suggestions, so feel free to come back and chat with us anytime.

Punk, your picture is so pretty. How neat that you and your Mom both did one--nice memory for you.

I was offered some saw blades, but just didn't have any place to use them and I don't really paint landscapes. I really don't have any problems finding things I want to paint--my problem is stopping my procrastination and getting things done! LOL


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wow. i fumbled around until i found the gallery and kinda figured out how it worked, there are some profoundly beautiful pictures there. The painted bucket was adorable, i have a friend that would love that. The tin was very pretty and had a variety of themes, so it would be very versatile. i'm jealous of all your talents.

Punk, i agree with luvstocraft, the picture you painted is a source of peaceful thoughts, but none so precious as the memory of you and DM both doing them.

I read in one of your threads that someone was looking for ideas to tole paint and i remembered the patterns for liquid embroidery. I had a friend for a short time who was seriously into the liquid embroidery.

I've seen saw blades with nature collages on them, a large round one had black lines dividing the four seasons of flowers on it, another one was decopa???ed (glued) with baby animals cut out of mag. someone might even paint a long blade with the different stages of toys baby boys play with ie: a rattle, a ball, a toy car, a football, a hot-rod, a caterpillar tractor, & a fishing rod. i don't think of girls when i think of saw-blades

sorry about the spelling problem, i am the ditzy-blond. Thanks for the warm welcome ya all.

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So glad you have found us! And isn't it just too funny that most of us have at sometime in our past, tried or used the same medium to make beautiful things for our homes. Punk, your Liquid Embroidery is awesome. I did Tri-Chem for years and still have one very nice Christmas banner that has graced our home for 47 years.

And I can't spell that word either...decopauge? .... anyway I think you do have some creative genes hidden in there somewhere, so maybe it's time to try something new! After all, we all are in the learning process, some are just a little further down the road. Come join us on the trip of a life time!


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I'm a crafts thief. I have been around a whole lot of crafty people so I have seen a wide variety of crafts and craft patterns. I steal the idea and store in my head until I bump into some one that does crafts of that style and then give them my stolen idea. I can't say I have enough ambition to accomplish any of them on my own or wouldn't know what to do with them if i made them. But if any one needs a craft idea i can offer a few usually.

My first mother-in-law did Tri-chem and another brand. She did both of them for about 18 years. so I saw a lot of patterns and watched other people use her patterns as inspirations for other forms of art. I have a picture of a baby quilt that I liquid-embroidered then donated to a church bazaar. someone had mercy and bought it to hide if from public sight. :)

Because I'm trying to consolidate my life/junk I'm getting rid of most of my craft supplies a little at a time, so don't be surprised if you see me put items up for adoption in the forum. because I have two rented storage units and a Very large walk-in closet to sort through it will all come out a little here and there.

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