Need advice on graveside pet memorial marker

phish_gwMarch 11, 2011

A friend lost his dog this week and buried him in his back yard. I'd like to make him something. I was thinking of making a graveside marker so that he can see it when he goes to visit him but I don't think he would want an everyday reminder like a picture inside the house.

So far I'm either thinking of a stepping stone or a cross. I like the cross idea better but don't know the logistics of how he would display it. Would I have to stick it on a stick, and if so, that doesn't sound strong enough to survive the elements. Any advice on the logistics of an outside marker like this?

Any other advice on what kind of pet memorial gifts you have made for people that have gone over well?

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If you want the marker to stand up, you need a stand that won't deteriorate in the ground. If you want it to lie flat, a stepping stone is a good idea. You can make your own by using heavy cardboard and duct tape to make a mould of concrete. OR, you can use the method to which I've become addicted - diamond lath/concrete. Picture of one I made for a friend follows: The picture that comes up is the back. Check out all views to show the process. (I know - I'm shameless - any excuse to show my stuff).

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also-you could make a mold of a cross and insert either a copper pipe or some electrical conduit pipe in the concrete as you pour it to have a pole to stick in the ground. Either way would be lovely and a nice thought for your friend.

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I have done what WW said it worked out great .

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