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crazymosaicsMarch 6, 2009

hello all,

Here are some updated pictures of the duck I'm working on for a friend. this will be my first paid project. This side is done with the red glass. I didn't fill in the entire design b/c then it would have been too tight. I'm 3/4 done on the other side with the red glass. The other parts of the duck will be covered in van gogh glass in gold, bronze and champagne. I'm hoping to have it oompletely done by March 27th b/c I want to enter the Delphi Art Glass contest. Let me know what you think.

Also, would any one have any idea of what to charge for this? I've never actually sold something so I don't want to undercharge or overcharge. I'll post the final pics when I'm done. :)

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Well, it certainly has a beautiful start! Wow. I love the red and the swirlie design. I can just begin to imagine it with the other colors, which sound perfect to me. How are you going to finish the interior?

Last time I made a suggestion on pricing, my price was way low compared to others, but then we decided it was probably because of the remote area I live where there are no top price comparison shops or venues. I'll be interested to see what others say. The economy has really hit the market. I know the people here have kind of a formula and maybe someone will come up with it for you. It has to do with time and material costs. Let's see!

I had some luck with a piece I was trying to sell in December. It was the fish on the right here which was about 14 inches long...this picture is of it unfinished, as you can see.....

One friend wanted it really badly, but didn't want to have to pay the $75.00 I was asking for it in a small show. I told him if it was there at the end of the day we'd talk about a lower price. It was, and I was going to say $60.00, only because it was him, but asked what he was thinking of, and he offered $70. SOLD!

I sure love your duck! In good times it would get a really good price on EBay I'm sure. Wish I could help on pricing, but I just don't know.

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It's going to be beautiful! Love the red and the other colors will make it even more beautiful. As for have to consider the cost of the glass, glue and your time. You never get your full time when selling a piece but at least some. I too have a hard time pricing my items when I sell them. My husband says I ask too low. But I get pleasure in doing them. I do love what I do. Just wish I had more time to do it. Great piece can't wait to see it finished....Cathy

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Oh, this w/be a beautiful piece. Love the swirls. Pricing is different for different areas - depends on your market. When I sold my mannequin in a little town smaller than where I live, Riana said it should have been three times the price I asked. Maybe in Wisconsin, where she lives, but I got my asking price. The man who bought her was offered twice as much for her, and he refused. Scout out your market, check the net to see what comparable pieces are going for. If your market is not good, IMO, you should at least get the cost of materials and double it.

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Thanks for all the great advice. This piece if for a friend at work. I'm thinking about $100 since it's not the smallest thing. I spent most of yesterday cutting the rest of the glass (thank goodness i have a beetle bits system :) ) I'm hoping to have the entire thing done by the 27th of March b/c I want to enter the Delphi art contest and also I'm going to the glass and bead show in April so I can use that as extra spending money :) I'll post the final pics when I'm done. I don't think the background will take to long to fill in, it's all those darn swirls. I got the design from a rug that was pictured in a magazine.

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I'm going to use black grout to fill it in and may put some red felt in the inside bottom but leave the rest of the inside unfinished. This was such a great goodwill find!!! I like it so much I'm making my dad make me a few more. :)

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My goal is to be done with this darn duck by Thurdsay. YIPPPEEEE!!!! I will post my final picture hopefully next week. I am completely finished with one side and am almost done with the other side. I ran out of glass so I had to order some more so now I have to cut that which will cut into some of my time.

Since this is a friend I'm doing this for I was wodnering if $100 would be a good fee? I live in the Chicago area so I was thinking this would sell for at least $200 or even more at a store or online.... Thoughts?

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I cannot wait to see the final pictures.
I am so bad with pricing. Slows advise is the soundest I have ever heard, and I will follow her lead in pricing my mirror.

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Where are some update pics??? I wanta see??? PLEASE!!!!! One side???? Later, Cathy

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