Height for lights over bathroom mirror?

desertstephAugust 9, 2011

ok, at 5' I'm wondering if the light fixture that is in my bathroom will be too high. I don't want to have to have an electrician move the wiring down tho. besides, it's mirror from just below it on down to the counter top. I want to change that this coming winter maybe. I might put another medicine cab there IF it sticking out doesn't mess up the light coming down from above. i think it might. I've also looked at an oval mirror with etching around the edge - it was at Lowe's I think.

but, the light there now has to go. the bulbs just stick straight out. I'm getting a 3 bulb fixture that will hang down - a bit.

this is the mirror and the light over it.

this is what I want to replace it with - the globes will be a bit different tho. they'll be part frosted and part clear.

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Steph we have a 42 inch tall mirror on the bathroom wall. there is no way I am going to try to take it down. So I am stuck with the light that is already there. It is similar to your light only we have the open part of the globes facing upwards. I know EEEWWWW on the dirt factor getting into them but it is not nearly as bad as I had feared it would be.

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shades - I've have considered having it 'framed' with a wider band of wood (natural, not painted) to cover more of the mirror. that might be easier. I'd have to hire someone to take it out. I might be able to do it myself if I frame it. the other bath is the same way. ugh.

how about just having dh turn the light fixture around. usually they can aim up or down.

and the 'eeeewwww' keeps me from putting up lights that are open at the top. well, except the laundry room fixture will be like that - but it's rather easy to take the glass part off and clean and replace. I have the same type in my bedroom in here. it's just a cheap old fashion type fixture.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

The new light fixture will look so much better! We don't have lights mounted over the mirrors in our bathrooms--just ceiling lights, so I think the height is OK.

BTW, if it works out for you to borrow a miter saw, you can cut your mirror frames while you have the saw. Are you planning to put shelves in the open space to the right of the mirror? You could even have them wrap the corner on the right wall. Forgive me if you've already discussed shelf options.

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In Mobile, I have lights on the side of the mirror over the lavatory. They do face UP. I have a ceiling light in the vent-fan. Plus, I have the chandelier over the tub on a separate switch with a dimmer. The chandelier is swagged not hanging straight down. Code does not like chandeliers over tubs it seems, so the wiring for this is NOT over the tub, and that's why I swagged it.

Now up north, the light in one bathroom is the 3-light fixture that you wish to get. It gives a lot of light. My DH installed it turned down, but he has high watt bulbs in it, and it makes the fixture (and the wiring I'm afraid), much too hot for my liking. I am thinking about unscrewing the thing and turning it UP to allow the heat to dissipate, and the light itself to bounce off the low ceiling. It is a very small bathroom, and except in the dead of winter, the room is comfortably warm.

The other bath up north has an ugly florescent commercial fixture over the really wide surface mounted med cabinet. The light fixture and the med cab go wall to wall, and I just hate it. However, I doubt that DH plans to remove it as he is plans to get this bath remodelled as cheaply as he can. I have had to wash my hands of the whole project because he is so hostile about it. I remind myself that it is after all HIS HOUSE, and so it is on HIS HEAD if it sells or does not. But he is being very short sighted IMHO.

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mama g- that fixture should also spread the light out better across the counter top - it's 66" across! I couldn't put side lights up if I wanted to because of the window on the left.

I figured that since I planned to do the baseboards the mirror frame wouldn't be much more difficult. and I'd get my 'miter' practice on baseboard - the corners that will be hidden behind furniture...

I won't put open shelves there but might put a cabinet - probably a flush mount medicine cab if I don't put one over the sink. If I do I'll cover the mirror with a photo - most likely a photo collage of my furbabies. no need for another mirror there...

I do have art work I planned to put there - but can put on another wall.

I also have a ceiling light and a skylight. I won't need the bulb lights during the day - unless one of our unusual dark stormy days.

ML - I think letting dh do the bathroom up there w/o input is very wise!

This bath is about 7 x 13 so it can take more light. I made sure it could take up to 100 w each bulb. I don't necessarily have to use the 100 w in each - I'll just see how it goes.

I did the same in the smaller bath - maybe 5 x 8 or 10. a 2 bulb fixture but each can be up to 100 w if needed.

I'll post the ceiling with the skylight and light plus the proposed fixture later. I need to get out to the store before the heat of the day hits. that'll only give me about 2 hrs.

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