100% flax linen sheets

cyn427 (zone 7)July 30, 2014

The revived sheet thread has prompted me to search here for info on linen sheets. I know I have seen at least one thread, but I can't find it.

Anyway, I am suddenly itching to try flax linen sheets. Don't really need new sheets and love my Thomas Lee, but I have several old linen tablecloths that I use outside (and inside, too, actually) in the summer. Pulling them out got me to thinking which is always dangerous-DH tends to groan when I start a conversation with, I have been thinking... Anyway, the tablecloths are so lovely and soft. Still, I like cool crisp sheets. Would it be foolish to try linen?

If you have them, what are your thoughts?

Thanks, all!

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I recently bought the summer bed set from Rough Linen after looking at the sheets for about two years. I was having a hard time pulling the trigger -- both imagining sleeping on linen (never had) and justifying the price. Finally, after an extremely difficult year, I told DH I wanted to get the sheets for our upcoming anniversary. He said he didn't have any better ideas, so go ahead.

We are really enjoying them. The feel is different form crisp cotton. The weave is not as fine, but it still has a smooth feel and a pleasant crisp/soft balance. The flat sheet on the bottom was something DH didn't 'think he'd like that well, but he became an instant convert. He also didn't think he'd like the loose cover instead of a tucked in top sheet, but we haven't had anything else on top of our bed since we got it. We use it with the linen sheet as well as fitted cotton sheets we already had. The cover has just enough weight to be comforting and block drafts from the fan or AC but light and easy. It breathes well, moves easily. I have heard linen is warm in cooler weather, but don't know yet.

Rough Linen items are really well made and made here in the U.S. (we used to live not too far from where they are in CA). They aren't cheap, but no linen will be. They do seem to be a good value. If you've already had your anniversary, Christmas is coming!

Here is a link that might be useful: Summer Bed set

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Oh dear. I really wish I had not opened this thread, because now I want linen sheets!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I know, Graywings,...right??? I am obsessing and I don't usually do that. Not quite sure why.However, just as encouragement, apparently linen is anti-microbial and helps with itchy skin. Not that I have that, but who knows what the future bodes. Always good to be prepared, I say. ;)

Lascatx, good to know. I did remember the Rough Linen name and went to the site yesterday. Thanks for the link! Thanks also for enabling me! May need to celebrate Labor Day this year! Ha.

edited to add:
ps. Lascatx, so you use a regular fitted sheet, too? Is that under the flat linen sheet?

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Used a cotton fitted sheet on the bottom while we were washing the linen flat sheet (either-or, not both). Different changes of sheets and pillowcases, but the summer cover went back on top. Making sense now? Sorry I wasn't clear the first time.

I think it was this forum where I first read about Rough Linen. Like I said, it took me two years. Part of that equation was that I had a hefty supply of linens and some were very new and very nice sheets. After two sets of Ralph Lauren shredded, another set slowly shrank with each wash until the fitted sheet no longer stayed on the mattress and we finally decided our original set of king size sheets with the sprung elastic were ready to retire (but they were snug and stayed on better than the newer ones -- hahaha) -- we suddenly found ourselves needing new sheets and I wasn't finding ones as nice as I used to even at much higher prices. Youch!

You could always work in stages -- get a couple of pillowcases or just the summer cover if that appeals, then later add the other and then the sheet. Build a set over time. With natural and white linen you can do that.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Thanks, Lascatx! I should have figured that out! Ha. When obsession takes over, common sense tends to become weaker! ;)

Yes, good idea about buying a bit at a time. Alas, I have very little willpower when it comes to art, antiques, AND linens! Sigh. We'll see. I definitely will give it some think time since I really, really don't absolutely positively have to have them. No, really, I don't. ;)

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I, too, have the summer bed from Rough Linen. Love it so much. After reading about them on here a few years back, I ordered the sheet and used it as a top sheet in the summer. I loved it so much, I decided to try the pillow slips and then said what the heck and ordered the summer blanket. I can't wait to get in bed at night.

Just go ahead and pull the trigger, you won't regret it!
I actually called to order and spoke with Tricia. She's very helpful.

When my package came it was like a present. She had put in a linen bag of lavender and the package smelled delicios! Each item was wrapped in tissue paper and the shett was tied and wrapped in a bow.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Denali, have you always been such an enabler? Ha. Yes, I think I may need to go ahead. Your "I can't wait to get in bed" pushed me over. So many other things have been put off-I think I need to pamper myself a bit! Thanks!

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I'll offer advice that I personally didn't take. Order a couple of pillow cases first and see if you like them. I ordered the whole Rough Linen enchilada, and am not crazy about them. They're beautiful. But the texture's a little, well, rough for me. I seem to be in the extreme minority though.

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For some reason I too got obsessed with linen sheets recently. After getting the sample card from Rough Linen and looking at websites, I ordered from Linoto (the Rough Linen website and fabrics look very interesting but I wanted something a bit smoother, I wanted ivory/cream, and I like fitted sheets...though I do see the allure of a big enough flat bottom sheet.) Sorry to enable, but they are awesome! I love cool, crisp, smooth sheets but for some reason these are luscious in their own different way. They feel different, luxurious, and very very comfortable.

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I know that those slubby loose weave linens are all the rage in recent years, but if I were going to invest in linen sheets I'd want some like the ones my mother had--heavy, smooth as silk, like ice when you first get into them in cold weather. But they wear like iron and nothing is more luxurious, especially when the way they keep softening up more and more as they get older.

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What we have are the smooth sheet and pillowcases, but the more rustic Orkney bed cover. You can also get the bed cover in a smoother weave, but I loved the look of the Orkney. I also had a pinafore in the Orkney, so I laid it over me. It isn't rough at all -- especially after you wash it a couple of times. The weight and body of the linen mean it falls on your skin with just enough heft to feel comforting and to block a draft, but light enough that you almost don't feel it -- if that makes any sense.

There's an idea -- order a pinafore. Test it like I did, and if you don't like it, you still have a great pocketed apron to enjoy for kitchen, garden or crafts. Or for less money, you could just try a dishtowel (I bought one with my summer bed -- am enjoying that too).

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Well, you never know what thought a thread will bring up. I can't say I'm going to rush and buy such expensive bedding, but that photo of the bedroom by "Designer Richard Ostell" is exactly the 'style' I'd be thinking of on the other thread. That is gorgeous simplicity.

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I have linen pillow shams and I really like them very much. I am also a cool, crisp sheet kind of person and higher thread counts don't really do it for me, but I really like linen. Someday I'll have a full sheet set!

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I've been waiting on my RL sheets to shred so I can justify purchasing Tricia's (Rough Linen) bedding.

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Briosafarm, I just looked. Linoto is not the same as Rough Linen. I've linked Rough Linen's site below. Sorry you didn't like yours as well.

Writer'sblock, Trishia at Rough Linen started with trying to find linen like her grandmother's:
"I have always wanted to recreate the linens from my grandmotherâÂÂs house in Scotland and from vintage textiles I found in France."

The Smooth sheets are a coarser weave than the high count cotton we've become accustomed to, but they aren't slubby or really loose weave either. I do expect them to wear well. The Orkney is a little on the slubby side, but it doesn't feel rough against your skin. You can buy a kitchen towel in the same fabric and have something you can use -- see what you think.
Allison, I have mixed feelings for you. I can't bring myself to wish someone's sheets would shred, but I do hope you can enjoy some linen sheets. We'll be putting the linen sheets and pillow cases today.

I don't know who here wrote about these years ago, but thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: This is Rough Linen

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No, I know Linoto is not the same as Rough Linen. I was offering another opinion on the merits of linen sheets (love them) and another reputable source of very high quality linens. ;-) I do have Rough Linen napkins and pillowcases and they are very nice...just happen to prefer the Linoto sheets and pillowcases for our bedding. The quality of fabric and workmanship from both companies is very high.

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Then I misunderstood. I just reread -- Got it now. I love the purple sheets on the Linoto site. So you were happy with them, huh? Not that I need another set now.......

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