Silgranite sink, drainboard and faucet advice?

kksmamaMay 19, 2013

I've been happy with my stainless sink and assumed I'd get two for my new kitchen...until I read here about silgranite. I only see the drainboard available with the double bowl precis - not sure I want to dedicate 54" of cabinet for that. I'll have one sink (facing a wall) for the dishwasher and the other in the island where the view is nicer and I'm next to the rangetop - so I think that one will be best for prep and for washing produce while the other will be used less often (and not by me). So I'm thinking Cascade (Precis or Perfoma - don't seem much different?) for the island and then the Precis large or Vision single bowl (again, little difference?) to serve the dishwasher. Can/should the granite in either area become a drainboard? Anyone have faucet suggestions for those sinks?

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I have the silgranit Precis super single for cleanup and the 17.5" Performa single bowl as my prep. Since we prep and eat so much fruit and veg, I opted for runnels at my prep sink. Very happy with that decision. Almost everything goes in the DW so very little need for any type of draining at the cleanup sink.

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What a beautiful picture of your prep sink, breezygirl! (Edited after GW search) I found some posts where you explained the walnut and maintenance thereof - it so tempting! Your whole kitchen is gorgeous. I'm thinking I would really use the cutting board/colander I could get with a larger Silgranit sink for my island, are you happy with the size of sink you chose there?

Can such runnels be done with granite?

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Thank you for the compliments! I struggled a little with the prep sink size. I would have wanted one 1-1.5" wider, but Blanco doesn't make one that size. I had to choose between the one I purchased or one about 20.5" wide. Because of my odd island arrangement with the future banquette to be snuggled up against the island, I didn't want the sink placed too far to the right to minimize possible splashing on the banquette. Consequently, I wanted to preserve as much counter space to the left of the sink for prep. That's my long way of saying that I'm generally happy with the prep sink size, but sometimes wish it was slightly larger. I would NOT go smaller. I am, however, over the moon about giant super single cleanup sink!

Runnels can be cut into granite, although I think I've read about some granites being so difficult with which to work that fabricators sometimes advise against it. Also, some fabricators don't have the tools or skill to do them either so ask up front when interviewing potential fabricators. Generally speaking, you can do it.

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