Powder room sink

salenaMarch 6, 2009

Has anyone ever done a mosaic 'job' in an installed sink? My powder room needs a focal point and I have done mosaic work before. Would anyone recommend this? Please ....suggestions, pitfalls, etc. Thanks. Salena

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I say GO FOR IT!!!! I haven;'t but others here have, I just can;'t remember who, and SLOW just did a sink for an outdoor feature.

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I saw SLOWs work and that's where I got my inspiration. My sink is undermounted. What if I also put tiles onto the area of the countertop that was cut out for the sink?...that vertical area?...about 1" deep. Thanks again, Salena

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Well how nice. Maybe this w/answer some of your questions. One of these days I'm gonna mosaic the toidy and add some viney/flower stuff around the mirror - directly on the wall. Welcome to peruse my site.

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Holy Moly, Slow, you've got Hacienda Mosaico beat all together on that bathroom!

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Salena, did you start your sink yet? I was just going to ask the same question. Wanted to know if anyone had mosaiced a sink that they USE every day..

I'd love to know what you decide.

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Yeah, SALENA - you should be done by now. It's no big deal to do a sink - I used thinset, and my water feature is trickling ever-so-gently and makes me happy every time I'm out in the back yard.

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Slow, I happen to have your bathroom sink counter top picture as the background setting on the computer screen...
it's # 172 of the 'indoor' album..
it's supposed to be my inspiration picture, to get me motivated, to get busy on the bathroom.

now, I have that picture up and every time I open the computer, I see it..
you know something?

just today, after looking at it, day after day, I noticed something in the picture..
I know my imagination goes into another dimension sometimes and if
anyone looks at that countertop, they will see a picture in it.
I'm not going to say what..cuz I hope others will see it, too.
go and see what I'm talking about.
it's interesting......

way cool.......

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I might add...
it's page #9...on the far right, third row from the bottom.
next to the sink..

and also, it seems to show up, if used as a background, not just to bring up the picture..

I may be a pain in the arse, but I'm a bit of a detail fanatic...lol

it was just by chance, I noticed it, sorta like art you see, of optical illusion pictures.

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Well DANG!!! I got your email, responded to it, not knowing what you meant, and just checked out the pictures and don't see what you're seeing. You have some 'splainin' to do. Tell me what you see. I know sometimes we see things in other people's art, and it's very interesting what we read into it, but I haven't a clue what you're talking about. The only thing I did on purpose was in the backsplash - on the right - the cross, the path to the cross, red - blood, white - purity, black - sin - I can explain if interested, but other than that - it was all meandering, wandering STUFF. Interested in what you see.

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Out of curiosity, I had to take a closer look! I do see an abstract design there. Should I tell or just let everyone else come to their own conclusions??

Slow, are you sure you didn't plan that??? ;-)

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Positive I only planned one part of it. At further inspections this morning, I can see part of that to which BECKY is referring - just not all. Here's a hint - the white shown in that area is really mirror tiles, surrounded w/gold, but the camera picked the mirror tiles up as white.

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email me at strawberrygoat...yahoo..... not aka strawberrygoat
and see if you see the same thing...
interesting, isn't it?


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