Black door topper

luvstocraftSeptember 26, 2006

Here's a pic of a black door topper done with one stroke. I have a white one over my patio door--will have to take pics. Just click on the pics to enlarge. Luvs



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Sorry, I should have posted this on gallery. Missed one step! Luvs

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It's ok, hopefully everybody checks both, I do anyway. I don't know why,but that one looks more complicated than the other ones. Was it more difficult or about the same? I like it on the black background the best. Beautiful. ~Anj

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beautiful!! i am going to try one stroke again!

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No, it's not any harder. Just more of everything because it is bigger. I love roses, so being able to paint them is so satisfying. Problem is--I don't have many walls, and only a couple of rooms they look okay in. That is how I ended up painting things for the yard, The rest, I stash in the garage--thinking I will sell them at a yard sale one day. The ones I really like are hard for me to part with--isn't that crazy? I've wanted to paint One Stroke since I first saw D. Dewberry ten years ago--just wasn't confident enough until last year! It sure was allot easier than it looks. Luvs

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I have never been able to do roses. I try, but they never satisfy me. So I stick to daisies and sunflowers, and plain 5 petal flowers and make do. Never had any problem selling the things I put them on.
"What you see is what you get"

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Nonacook, You are right--even little dot flowers add that extra something to a piece, don't they? One of the first pieces I painted was a little house and we just dabbed on some greenery and then put dot flowers on top and it is still one of my favorites. And hearts or vines, I love anything painted with those too. Bet you were painting several pieces at a time when you were on the craft circuit, weren't you? Bet you got lots of compliments on your things too. So glad you and your DH were able to do that--bet you had lots of fun and met some really neat people. Luvs

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