Difficulty recessing fridge

Kristen HallockMay 28, 2013

So I didnt do all of my homework when I came up with a kitchen plan that including using a 61" wall and recessing the fridge into one side of it and using the other space for a 24" pantry cabinet with roll out shelves.

The fridge was supposed to be close to the mudroom doorway. The pantry was supposed to be on the end with the bathroom door. When we knocked down the sheetrock on the wall we found a drain pipe for the upstairs bathroom. My hubby promptly relocated that. But I didnt take into account the extra space needed in the fridge opening for sheetrock. And now we have another cold water pipe that needs to be moved as well. And my husband is saying that now we wont be able to have a trim piece on the bathroom door over by where the pantry will be! I have a feeling that will look terrible.

We're in this now though and DH is going to finish it. He's removed a closet that was on the back of the wall and now you can see right into the mudroom area. There is a pocket door to our 1/2 bath here and we've decided that we are going to sheetrock over this pocket door and have our new closet (for cleaning supplies and such) be on this side wall where the pocket door is now. I've tried to think of alternatives to recessing the fridge but now that DH has the wall ripped apart and bought copper to move the cold water pipe, he doesnt want to stop now.

I dont want to add any additional work for DH, but I am worried about the problem with the bathroom trim missing where the pantry cabinet is supposed to go.

DH is also insisting on building a real 2x4" construction wall around the back of the fridge. This is a load bearing wall and he also wont consider not sheetrocking behind the fridge to gain an extra .5" of space.

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Well, it's all happening at least. Your dilemma reminds me of an HGTV Dream Home that had really significant problems, like your missing door trim but bigger. They were far from invisible, but I didn't notice them until people started pointing them out. You probably won't have millions examining your kitchen for ideas, so I wouldn't worry about that at least. Could you install a narrower door for the bathroom? I'm serious. Imagine it was always narrower--a problem?

As for the recess, 2x4s, which are really only 1-1/2 inches thick, can be turned sideways to carry their load. Sounds like you already know drywall comes in thinner sheets than the usual, but there are even thinner materials, available at any building supplies store, that could be used to cover the studs and insulation behind the refrigerator.

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Kristen Hallock

Rosie- DH did say he would install a narrower door it the lack of trim really bothers me. So that's good at least.

I also asked DH about turning the 2x4s sideways..he said they are "tippy" if they are placed sideways and he doesn't want someone to be leaning on the 2x4 wall and have it not hold up? It's an interior wall, but this wall is load bearing. He is willing to consider not sheet rocking the fridge recess. I don't see the big deal since no one will see it anyways, and it could save us .5 - 1.0 full inch of space width wise depending on the thickness of the Sheetrock.

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