Checking on castle completion

luvstocraftSeptember 28, 2006

Anj, Did you and DD get your castle completed? Think you said Thursday was the deadline, didn't you? Is DD proud of her creation? Hope she gets an A on it! Is Mom relieved it is done?

I am looking forward to seeing your painted gourds now that you can have your dining room table back so you can paint them. Anxious to see how you have chosen to decorate them.

I was looking through books today for inspiration for the doll bed I'm working on--didn't find any for it--but I sure found some cute Fall and Halloween patterns! So many cute patterns, sure gives me the desire to paint more. LOL


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Oh's finally done. She put the finishing touches on tonight. She went thru her brothers toy boxes and found some fun things to add to it. You remind me I need to take a pic of it before I go to bed because most likely I'll forget in the morning. She says she thinks it will be the best one. I think it looks so good the teacher's not going to believe she did it by herself. ha She really did with just a minimal help from me and DH. I mostly just got things in a production line so when she got home from school she could put it together. She got a lot of ideas from the internet so I looked up a bunch of sites for her to go thru. I still can't believe how much time it took. Wow. Well, I'll post a pic of it tomorrow and you can see for yourself ok. It will probably take me 2 days to get the room back to a usable state. It's crazy messy right now but I'm excited to get painting again. A gourd will be one of my next projects (a witch). I hope I can check in tomorrow. ~Anj

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You "sound" a little bit tired. Was it really 1 o"clock when you posted? Girl, when do you sleep? Hopefully, you crash for a bit when your baby girl takes her nap. You have such a busy life right now, I am amazed you are able to squeeze in any painting time. You do need to take some time for yourself to do something that lets you relax and unwind a bit too--and painting is good for that. Don't overdo it on the housework and stuff today--just do the "have tos", and relax a little bit. I'm off to work today--sure hope there's some neat new stuff to see. I'll chat with you later. Luvs

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I'm pretty pooped, stayed later than I wanted to over at SIL2B's quilting then got the kids to bed late. Here are some pics of the completed castle. All done with soup boxes,pringle cans, cardboard, popsicle sticks, twigs, milk cartons, printable flags, a few toys and some stone spraypaint. I think she did a fantastic job.

Notice the stained glass windows on her church. It's a blurry pic, but she painted roses like on Beauty and the Beast. :)Â Â

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That turned out fantastic! What a great job. The texture on the walls looks wonderful and I love the little flames on the posts outside the drawbridge --and the "stone" floor inside the drawbridge door! Wow! Lots of really nice details, love the "stained glass" windows and the extras like the horse and straw. You tell her she did a super duper job on this project! I'd give her an A+ if it were up to me. Thanks for sharing--loved seeing it. Luvs

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The only bad thing is that none of the other projects were anywhere as good as hers so she thinks her teacher doesn't believe she did it by herself. Kind of a let down for her, but I told her she should always do her best no matter what everybody else is doing. She's a little bit of a perfectionist like her mom & dad and it sure showed in this project. I'm really proud of her. The teacher better give her a good grade! ha

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She did a great job. You could have a miniaturist there.

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Hey, Anj, that is High Praise coming from an expert like Kennebunker, don't you think? Have you shown your daughter Kennebunker's webpage--bet she'd enjoy seeing it--especially after having made this castle. That teacher better give her a good grade, she should know that your daughter works hard to make things perfect--so this shouldn't come as a surprise! Luvs

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Thanks for the compliments. I'll be sure to pass them on to her. Kenne~ I'll have to let her see your page too. Didn't think about it before, but I know she'd enjoy it. ~Anj

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Wonderful! She did a great job.
I think kids who have crafters for parents can do
a lot more than kids who don't. They watch and learn, sometimes without even realizing it.
I help with Bible school crafts, and I can easily tell whose parents make things.

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I agree with Nona,about what the kids learn from parents,but i'll add GP's to the mix.

She did a wonderful job,and both you and she should be very proud of her accomplishments.

I started teaching my then 5 year old grandsone to sew and cross stitch,and embroider last year.Now this year he can set up my sewing machine as fast as i can,from threading the bobbin to threading and running the machine,and this is my Viking Rose.No toy machines here!! He's also a very quick learner,so like your dd he is ahead of others in his class.

Be sure to congratulate dd for me,and tfs

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That really turned out Great!
Thank You for sharing!

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