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christmascandySeptember 8, 2010

I don't know if I should post this on this forum, but this is a former faded Barbie jeep that I painted for my grandson. It was intended for my DGD. I actually had found it on a CL posting and my DH picked it up and when I saw it, it was so faded that I was going to resell it on CL, but my DD asked me to paint it instead for my grandson. I found another one on CL that was practically brand new for DGD (his cousin)so she got hers also. I used spray paint made for plastic for the transformation.

This is the jeep in progress.

This is the final result.

And a front view.

I wasn't sure if I should post this type of painting on here or not, so if I should not and it is for just pictures, plaques, and that type of artwork, please let me know.



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Awesome! Totally Awesome! It looks brand new! And in my opinion you art work fits right in!

I also like your rocky background. My flower gardens are turning into rock gardens and I love them!


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Candy, so glad you shared this fantastic transformations with us. You did an excellent job on it and I'll bet your GS will be thrilled and so proud.

No strict rules over here, we enjoy creative painting and sharing projects and ideas. Feel free to join in anytime.


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Candy, so glad your over here posting your creative paint job. It looks brand new and I'll bet your beaming with the results.


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Candy, that's one of the most amazing transformations I've seen! What a lucky little boy to have you for 'grandma'.
He's going to LOVE this.

I'm glad I popped over here, to see what Luvs and Punk were painting now. I'm doing good to paint walls, so I don't post here, but sure love to look at all the talented folks' projects.

hugs, Karen

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That is totally an amazing transformation!! So glad you shared it with us Candy! We love any kind of painting here! I love his little license plate too! Love your attention to detail! And it brings to our minds paints for plastics! Sometimes we get stuck on one kind of paint and forget about all the other mediums out there! Thanks again for sharing and stick around!! ~Anj

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Belle, Luvs, Punk, Karen, and Anj,

Thank you so much. Everyone on these boards is so supportive!!

I actually found a picture of a jeep dashboard and printed, laminated, and mounted that on the dashboard over the original Barbie sticker. Unbelievably, I found a little black radio at Goodwill that fit exactly in the space for the original Barbie tape player, and an unused old key with a little tab clock from DT as a key chain fit in the key slot.

He's only 2 1/2 so only drives it around the yard right now, but next summer, I'm sure he'll be toolin around the hood on the sidewalk! And, he loves to turn on the radio. LOL.


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Candy, you really went the extra mile on this little jeep. So glad you told us about all the added features. I think it's so great that you printed and laminated a dashborad for it. And adding the radio is wonderful.

Have you taught him to make sure the key is off so the battery doesn't run down after jammin'?LOL


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I love this transformation. And I bet the grandchildren do too. Looks like a lot of work and love went into this. I have one of the four wheelers on my back porch left over from the twin grandsons - maybe I should do the reverse and make it pink for my grand daughter - I'll post pics if I do.

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