Paint color mixing question

alisandeAugust 5, 2007

This actually isn't about decorative painting, but colors are colors no matter how they're used.

My son picked up a five-gallon pail of wood stain at Home Depot's "oops" table, with the intention of painting our shed. The stain is purple. I don't want a purple outbuilding. My original thought was to add some orange tint to the purple, in hopes of creating a shade of brown. But then my DS painted the most visible parts of the building Wedgewood blue. I normally favor earth tones, especially for exteriors, but the blue looks rather nice. It has a greyish cast to it.

He'd like to use the purple on long back side (it was a bargain, after all), and I'm wondering if I can add something to it to grey it down and make it at least somewhat compatible with the blue. What do you think? Am I dreaming?



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The right mix of colors may give you a dark brown stain but it would be hard to lighten what I am assuming is a deep dark purple back to a gray. You could try mixing up smaller batches and seeing what you come up with to see if it's even possible. If not, it was cheap so you're not out a lot of money. You could always wait until another stain goes on the rack or just buy the color you want. It's better to do it the color you want than to stain it and hate it. It's harder to cover up stain that you hate than paint. :)

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Sorry Susan, I have no idea. Maybe try playing with small amounts to see if you can come up with a color you like. Good luck. :) ~Anj

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