30 Inch or Plus Counter Tops

LoPayMay 16, 2013

I don't have enough room for an island, but have about 6 feet between the two walls of my U shaped kitchen. I am considering having the counter tops made at a 30 inch or more width. I would still use cabinets that come in a stock depth.

Has anybody done this and what were the advantages and disadvantages? The extra depth might make it harder for me to reach some shelves, but I would live the extra work area, since the counter top is less than four feet between the sink and cooktop.

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I have about 36" of counter on one side of my u. Love it! I can really spread out when baking, or reading the paper ;)

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Holly- Kay

I have a u shaped kitchen with a 30 inch counter on one side of my u and I love it. the p.o. made it that way so she could use the penninsula with bar stools. I like sitting at our breakfast table so we don't use bar stools. If you put the over hang on the non kitchen side of your u it will be easy to access. If you do all your counters in 30 inch you may not like it.

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Fori is not pleased

I used 30" counters on one side of my last kitchen (galley type). It was wonderful and I will do it again. But if you can, get 30" deep lower cabinets and 18" uppers (to get you the traditional setback--if you're short or have kids it's almost mandatory!). The extra 6 inches there is even better than the deep counters!

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I have 30" deep counter on one side of my kitchen with a soapstone counter and drawers for the full depth too. I don't have a problem reaching the 1st two shelves and I am only 5'2". I also have my uppers at a higher than usual place but I like them that way as I can have my KA etc in full use without bumping and the uppers and having to pull things forward. here is a pic of my 30" deep area. It is wonderful !!

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Thanks for the input. I'm short too, so per a prior post, I am going with open shelves along the same wall. I figured since I don't have room for an island, why not expand the current area.

Also, the POs tiled up to the existing toe kick. I'm not wanting to replace the tile so, I'm hoping that the extra depth will eliminate any areas that I have to "patch". If I do have to patch, it will be with a contrasting tile to look like a border.

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