Where are they?

luvstocraftAugust 26, 2006

Hey, where did Minnie, Kathi, Velchuck, Too much glass and Iris21 go? Thought we had a painting forum going here! Are you ladies still out there. Come visit with us some more please. Maybe we should just go to the craft forum since only a few of us seem interested in this one.

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I'm here,i keep checking back,but this place has become a ghost forum.I havn't painted anything for awhile,but hope to get back into it as soon as i get this sewing/craft/computor room weeded out and re-organized.

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Hi Kathi, Glad you are still checking in. I know it is hard to find time for everything. Great that you have a room for your crafting--I use my laundry room counter top. Sure hoping that alot of the painters will start chiming in here again. I love to hear about what everyone is working on. I've checked out several of the forums, and Garden Junk really seems to be the most active so far. A lot of the GJer's are also painters--they have done some really nice projects.

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I just took someones advice and issued an invitation to Sweets98 who painted the screens that I liked so much. Went to her 'My page' and sent an email. I hope she'll come over and visit us and post some of her stuff. Doesn't hurt to ask I guess. ~Anj

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Anj, Did you hear back from Sweets98? She used to be on the GJ forum too, but haven't seen her there for awhile. Have you checked out that forum too? It is so active and those ladies make some really neat things to put in their yards--so fun. Some of them are really good painters too.

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Hey~ yes, Garden Junk is where I started out. I check it, Trash2Treasure, Crafts, this forum and a couple of others every day to see what's new. I'm addicted. ha That's where I saw Sweets screens. I haven't seen anything from her on any of the forums for a while either.

I see that a lot of the GJer's are great painters. Wish they'd visit here too. I've seen where several of them came here first, but saw no activity so posted there. Shame. ~Anj

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