calling lavender lass

phoggieAugust 8, 2012

Hi LL~~

Would you do me a favor? I have posted in the Kitchen forum under "Help me decide, please" and some are wanting to see my lot and would you please help me out and post a link there of the ones you did for me was under "Now I can officially join you"...THANKS!

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Of course :)

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Hi Lavender Lass,
I came over here to send hugs your way (()) after all that nastiness on building a home forum and also to say I feel bad for not saying anything in your defence but I just can't do that confrontational stuff even in virtuality.

Please don't let anyone stop you from posting - you are always helpful and above all kind - something I'm sure a lot of people besides me appreciate.


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Hi LL,

Ditto what momo said. I was going to post on that thread, but it had fallen off the first page last I checked and I didn't want to bump it back up.

I enjoy reading your posts and seeing the evolution of your house plans, and the bulk of my inspiration photos come from your posts. You are very kind and supportive of others, so I hope you continue to frequent the forum. I too understand the therapeutic value of working on house plans, and hope you know you can come here for support.

To the meanies: (Blowing raspberries)

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Ditto to chompskyd and momo7!

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phoggie sorry that you were treated are always such a kind and helpful person.....and I Appreciatr all you have done for me....but I find this site to be so friendly and you are loved here!

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Whoa, now, Nellie. A couple of folks are getting mean over there. I am so happy here in our nice Smaller Homes forum. LL, You are graciousness personified! Humming Happily Along.......

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I had to go over there and look. It looked like just a couple and I hope LL can let it roll off her back. From what I saw there was more supporters than nasties. I'm glad this board is a safe haven too.

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I have no idea what the beginning of this convo was but I assume its about the posting on other boards. There are a couple of boards I stay clear of because I just don't like how they come off. It can be shocking because there are other boards where people are so nice (like this one).

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Hi everyone!

Thank you for being so sweet, but the Building a Home forum was no big deal. I just didn't want to bump it up and continue the thread...or I would have said so over there, too.

Work has been really busy the last few weeks, so I haven't been on the forums as much as usual, but I still try to check in from time to time. Things will hopefully calm down a bit, in the next few weeks :)

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I didn't know you worked LL. Glad you let it go.

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We have a home based business and some weeks are a lot busier than others! LOL

Normally, I have some down time, during the day...that's when I get to play on GW :)

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