Do you like a variety?

luvstocraftAugust 26, 2006

Yes, Anjabee, I do like to find a variety of things to paint. Like to find wooden items or metal trays or bowls at TS, GS, Big Lots, etc. Try to not pay more than a dollar or two for them, then repaint and put a cute pattern on them. My sister grew gourds one year and mailed me some when they had dried. Didn't use any patterns, but made a raggedy ann & andy, a snowman, and a santa out of them. They are easy to paint on. I used to cut a lot of wood shapes to paint, but don't do that as often now. I learned some basic One Stroke painting by watching the Donna Dewberry videos, so I made lots of yard stakes and signs, now painting on a bunch of metal trays I found at TS recently. I also found some small slates for $1 each, painted roses and rosebuds on them--my SIL, and nieces are teachers so they wanted them to hang on their classroom door with Name and class on them. I paint mostly for myself or give as gifts, have only sold at one craft show. Do you sell?

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No, I don't sell. That would take way more time than I've got. I just paint for myself and for gifts. DH got me a saw for Christmas and it's still in the box. He asked what I want for my b-day next week and I told him I want my saw set up and instructions on how to use it without sawing off a finger. Yes, I'm one of those pathetic females who doesn't know how to use power tools. But I'm going to try. I really want to cut out my own stuff.
My upcoming projects include painting on: a picnic basket, a Halloween sign, fan blades, slate, tiles, gourds and maybe a few candles. I guess that's a good variety.

I hope you lurkers out there will jump on and tell us what you like to paint on.

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Wow! You have enough surfaces waiting to keep you busy all winter. Give the saw a try and you will get hooked on cutting out wood. If you have ever used a sewing machine, it is the same principals--guide the design around the blade and keep your fingers a safe distance away. Start out with some fairly simple shapes like a heart or simple cutout, then as you get experience you can do the more complicated shapes. I just love the smell of the wood. Lumber yards sometimes have scrap piles where you can get pieces free or for very little. Sawing is easiest on a soft wood like pine too. Just take a deep breath, relax and enjoy it--you will be so proud of yourself!

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What are you gonna paint on the fan blades?? I have some of those,and i was gonna turn mine into angels.Had the GK's all summer so didn't get a lot done.

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LTC~ thanks for advice on choice of wood since I'd had no idea. ha I actually have a friend who works in a lumber yard so I may be able to get some scraps for free. I think the first thing I want to cut out is some tombstones for Halloween. I've been wanting some in my front yard forever. That should be pretty simple, right?

Kathi~ I think I have a pattern somewhere in my stash to paint a Santa on the fan blades, but I also have some other patterns too like a scarecrow that I saw painted on a barrel stave, but I think it would look just as good painted on a fan blade. I'll have to wade thru my files and see what I come up with. I guess I should clarify that it's ceiling fan blades (I've seen round stand fan blades painted like flowers) so I think I have 5 to play with, 10 if I do something different on the backs. I'd like to see your angels if you do them! ~Anj

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LTC~ shoot, I keep forgetting to tell you to start begging for pic posting help. I want to see your teacher signs. ~Anj

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Saw DIL this weekend, she is going to help me open an acct. on Snapfish, then how to load my pics, then how to post the link here so you can go see. I really want to be able to do this so I can share projects with all of you too! Just makes it more fun when there is a pic.

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