It's always about money and nothing funny

lamomMarch 22, 2011

As I posted earlier, husband and I are finally divorcing. After years and years of BM polluting the familial environment with lies about an affair she claims I had with my husband while they were still married, to her telling her son, my SS32, that he would inherit half of all of dad's assets is something were to happen to him or me. Luckily, SD is an attorney and knows that that is not how the law works in California. The current spouse gets it all unless the decedent specifies something in the will. Major assets are never part of it and children receiving gifts from the will is NEVER AUTOMATIC.

So all of this negative propaganda is really about money. I had almost forgotten KKNY but reread some of her posts and they are always about Money, money, money. The money they want, the money they are afraid they won't get. Forget all of that blended family, Brady Bunch stuff. God Bless the Child whose got his own.

Once I realized that, husband and I did put some hard things in place to GUARANTEE that the skids WILL NOT get ANY money from what we've accumulated together. Including residual income from our business if we choose not to dissolve it post-divorce. SURPRISE!!! You sue and it goes to charities to finance research of pediatric cancer. The so-called Nuclear Option. Since they didn't care about my son when he had pediatric cancer and almost died, this can constitute their contribution now.

My son will inherit everything from a familial trust funded during my marriage. Break it if you can. They will be out in the cold. Where they should be used to being given how cold they were during these years. Even my SD36 who is a talented lawyer has admitted that breaking up the existing trusts would be very very hard for them to do.

If only they could have been a little nicer. I mean a lot nicer. If only their BM hadn't spent 13 years brainwashing them about me. Now if their father accumulates more wealth after our divorce, well that will be up for grabs for them AND MY SON provided dear old Dad doesn't marry again.

All about money. Ours is staying home, with us. Go get yours since you are adults. SS32, maybe try a job. Yeah, I'm bitter, fighting mad and geared up. Would going on a picnic or showing up for Christmas really have hurt you the way your not showing up hurt us???

Let them inherit from their mama's side, whoops, she's broke. But my baby and I are not broke and won't be. You BMs out there, you teach your children well.

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I have been on both sides of this and when the parent teaches the kid to be nasty, GUESS WHAT, they end up nasty kids to everyone, that no one whats to be around. Saddest for the kids really.

My husbands ex did this to her kids, had them make false allegations against us, told them that I was the reason the marriage broke up because dad was having an affair with me (when she was the one having an affair), etc... GUESS WHAT? They moved 1,000 miles away and kids are now making accusation of abuse against the mother and step-father, the oldest has been arrested for assault against the mother, put on probation, had an abortion by 16, has one year of HS at 18 years of age, mother tried to have her committed with us paying for it, then when that didn't work she tried to have her sent to prison, etc, etc, etc.... NICE and it's all about the $$$ with her too.

Don't worry, keep taking the high road, because it will come back to bite them. Don't be part of it. Too bad you had to let it ruin your marriage though.

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