Painted Hydrangeas - love that flower

paintingfoolAugust 15, 2010

I purchased these little plaques mostly for my grandchildren to paint on. But I like this one in particular because it is vertical. And I like the idea of stripes. Still practicing on my hydrangeas, not real pleased with this one but it came out alright. I actually have the pink hydrangea on my back porch. Found out real quick that they like shade - this is after I burned the leaves by leaving it in the sun.


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PF, I think you did a wonderful job on your hydrangeas. I planted 3 this year and lost 1 already so we'll see how next year goes. I have planted these for years and end up losing them within 2 years but they are so beautiful I just keep trying.

Your roses and daisies are beautiful and look nice painted on the stripes. Such a nice background for a change and the gold edges really top them off.


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Your hydrangeas look really good PF. I almost burned my three up in the sun too, moved them to a shaded spot and they still didn't do very good. Now I've moved them one last time to a semi shaded area and they are putting out new leaves. Like Punk, I'll see how they do next year!

I absolutely love your heart plaque with the roses and daisies. The stripes are a nice background for them. That design would be so pretty on some wooden chargers using clear plates on top.


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What a reminder of my childhood bedroom. Your rose painting is so close to my wall paper. Both paintings are so lovely! And your Hydrangea's are perfect!

Hydrangea's do like cool, afternoon shade areas. You can also change the color by adding nutrients to the soil. a neighbor has a deep purple one and it is so pretty. Have to find out what she uses.


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