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organic_smallhomeAugust 21, 2006

Well, the contractors came today to replace the entry door. BUT: after they took the old door down, there was so much water damage (from bad flashing on the old door), that they have to removed the original (and lovely) oak flooring in the entry way, which is not salvageable because, apparently, it was pulled up some time in the past and put back down with liquid nails! The contractor said it would be virtually impossible to replace it with oak flooring that would exactly match the rest of the oak flooring in the house. It just kills me. Anyway, now we have to figure out what kind of flooring to put there. It's a tiny entryway: you open the front door to enter and just three feet in front of you is the enclosed staircase, with small archway on left leading to the living room, and small archway on the right leading into dining room. The entryway is in total about 3' x 5'. We're thinking of putting terra cotta tile down in that area because that's what's in front of the fireplace in the living room. Do you think that would look alright? I'm really unsure about this, so if you have any suggestions for other options, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thank you!

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My first thought was tile, even before I got to the part where you mention it. Why not start with the terra cotta to tie into the livingroom, but add some distinctive accent tiles, or make a pattern with two or more similar shades of tile? Depending on your personal style, you could go subtle or WOW.

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I think you might actually be able to find similar oak flooring. Call up a wood specialty store in your area and ask if they know anyplace that sells reclaimed oak flooring. There are places here. You need to drive to them, but you can find them.
I had to have some flooring replaced in our home. Only 4 strips but they matched it.


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We had to have 8 red oak boards replaced due to damage, and we found boards that came thisclose to matching. After finishing them, you can barely tell the difference. It can be done ;o)

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We had the same dilemma when we pulled up our carpet to find old maple floors installed in the 1960's, but they'd glued linoleum to the area by the front door, and we didn't bother trying to save it.

We are so happy we installed the tile at the front door, instead of wood. It gives us a little area to get wet and muddy shoes off before hitting the wood floor, and is easy cleanup with the tile.

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Thanks to everybody for your suggestions. It looks like we are going with tile, and will use the same type and color of tile as is presently on the hearth in the living room. I suppose I will get used to it over time.

girlgroupgirl and mrsmarv: in reponse to your ideas, I tried to find an oak flooring place and found a couple of places today, but their stock is erratic and neither one had what we needed, in size or species of wood. Plus, our contractor will be finished on Thursday and we simply don't have the time to hunt down the wood. I am disappointed, to be sure, but perhaps the tile will look better over time.

pameliap and pianolady: it's good to see positive commentary on the choice of tile. It may actually work out better, now that I think of it, since I won't have to worry about the snow and mud any more. :)

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Organic, Could you cut wood out of existing closet floors and then put new wood into the closets? That way you'd have a perfect match in the entryway. Just an idea....

You don't sound pleased about using tile.

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kec01: YOU are a friggin' genius. I just asked the carpenter about this and he measured the floor inside two closets and said that we have exactly enough to do this, and we can just replace the closet floors with prefinished oak flooring.

If you were here, I would kiss you. :)

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Update (for anybody who cares--lol): Production Manager just informed me that it will not, in fact, be possible to use the wood floor from the closets: they might get damaged when pulled and would have to be refinished, anyway. Since that entails fumes from polyurethane, and since we have 5 animals and nowhere to stay during the refinishing period, we are going to have to go with tile, it seems. Plus, that seems like a lot of trouble for a small 3x5 area of floor.

Anyway, thanks to everybody for your input. Much appreciated.

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That stinks! Might the production manager be taking a copout - "might get damaged"...especially since the carpenter indicated it could work. However, I hear what you are saying about refinishing and 5 animals. And, yes, is it some trouble for a 3x5 area. It seems a shame, though, as you sound like you clearly would have preferred a wood floor.

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I'm sorry you won't be able to have the floor you like. It seems you ought to be able to have exactly what you want for your home in this, given that it is not an unreasonable expense.

However, I think that in time you might come to like the terra cotta entryway. Because terra cotta is already used in your house, it won't look as though it doesn't belong. And it is a good transition material for people coming in out of the wet or mud. It will never need to be refinished!


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Just make sure you select a tile that won't be slippery when wet. Our neighbor just broke his arm in two places when he slipped on his new tile entryway after coming indoors with wet shoes. Something to consider ~

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