Where did they all go?

luvstocraftAugust 21, 2006

Gosh, I read the prior pages of posts here and this place used to really be humming. Where did everyone go? Perhaps with the popularity of One Stroke Painting, they are all now on those forums. But we like One Stroke here too so let's mention this forum on some of the other forums we visit and maybe some of the painters will start posting here again. I love to hear and see what everyone is painting--helps motivate me to get some projects done. Also, I wonder why this forum does not put the messages all in date of last post order like the other forums. I had to hunt for most recent dated ones.

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This site hasn't been the same since Spike started charging for it.
A lot of folks left then, and it has never recovered.
I wish it was more active too. I thought it might get
better after the sale of the site, but it hasn't.

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Nona, I can see why they would not want to pay just to chat. Sure glad you and several of the others did not leave, I am enjoying all of you and your ideas so much.

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