trouble with crackle

terracottaAugust 9, 2002

I have tried using crackle, but haven't gotten much of a result. What am I doing wrong? Help!!

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I've never used real crackle, have always used glue and always had good results, even with cheap glue when in a pinch. I normally use Elmers glue. First I base coat the item, whatever color I want, then let dry completely, then I put on a nice even coat of glue, doesn't matter how thick, but doesn't need to be real thick to work. I always let this dry completely. Then add top coat. If you add a thick top coat, the cracks will be larger, if you add a thin top coat, the cracks tend to be smaller. Also, only brush one way when applying the top coat, put the paint on, and leave it alone, don't try to add more in a certain spot. If the cracks appear to be smaller in some places and larger in others, that is a good thing because if it is a real antique, the natural aging process is like that as well.
Good Luck!

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Thanks, I'll try your suggestion on my next project. The old, used look seems to be all the rage.

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Yep, primitive seems to be the way to go.

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Sounds great! I want to try this instead of crackle medium, because I can't find it at WalMart & I'm sure it's expensive anyway....I plan to crackle an old cheap dresser we got for about $10.

Do you use straight glue or is it watered-down at all?

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At my painting class we used crackle. First seal and base coat your piece. Then paint the crackle on in the direction you want the crackle to go vertical or horizontal. After the crackle dries you paint another acrylic color on top in the same direction as the crackle.
Hope that helps

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