Proud of the girls!

doodlebooMarch 26, 2009

The girlies are just doing so well in school I had to brag. They are READING now! Sounding out everything...cereal boxes, movie sub titles, directions on making rice. LOL

We got their report cards and they are both above average. R has a 98 average and N has a 99 average!

On the topic of J was so proud he let them play hookey yesterday and spent a day doing all kinds of fun things with them. They had a blast eating ice cream and watching a base ball game. They went to the park and the arcade and topped it off with dinner at their favorite McDonads. The one with the "big play ground" :)

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That is wonderful. Although they are deserving of the credit I'm sure the stable, loving home life that they are provided with is a big contributor. I'm really happy for you!!!

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good job!!!!

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Thats wonderful!!!

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Nice !!!
My Sd got great grades as well. We took her shopping for the weekend. She deserved it.

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I have to jump on this proud wagon too. My dd is getting an achievement award on Monday for her efforts and she had no cavities at the dentist yesterday!!! Yay!!!

I bought her cinnamon rolls for not having cavities :)

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