Painting on a tree trunk

cathy8091August 12, 2007

I have a tree stub on my front yard. It stands about 3ft high and 2ft wide. I am trying to get the bark all of and then I want to paint something on it. Any suggestions?

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You could paint it to look like a fairy house with a door and windows. Or you could paint flowers all around it. Sorry, I can't really think of anything else tonight--guess I'm just too tired. I'll think on it overnight. Luvs

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Type "decorative painting" in your web browser line and you'll find several sites where you might get some inspiration for a design.

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search google for ideas?

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Let's see....are you going to put anything on the stump like a planter?? If so you could paint trailing vines with flowers down it like they are coming down from the real plant. Or I saw somewhere that a lady painted little tiny rock climber people on a big rock. It was soooo cute. Gosh I guess you could paint just about anything you like. How about some cute bugs and butterflies like they just climbed or landed on it. Or you could paint a totem pole depending on how tall it is. Maybe an owl peeking out of a painted hole? If you like Native American art you could paint petryglyphs on it. Just stare at it for a while and see if anything speaks to you. ha Hope you'll share a pic when you get it done. :) ~Anj

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I really like the idea about bugs and butterflies thanks. I am also going to try some of the searches that were suggested. Thanks to all.

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