How to mosaic over aluminun foil

charmoMarch 10, 2009

Me again! OK, I think I have made half decent ears out of aluminun foil for my pig. Now I am wondering do I tape them on with duct tape and how do I put mosaic on them? Do I just cover the ears with thinset or do I put duct tape over the aluminum foil and then thinset?

2. I am going to buy thinset on the weekend anything special I should be looking for?

So many questions, my little brain hurts!!! So all of you knowledgeagle people out there who have done similar things please let me know and tonight I will have the chance to go to bet a little less dumb! lol!

Daisyme: I just realized that when I gave you the price of my stash of tiles, I wrote 30 sheets of 25 but it was 30 sheets of 225! Much better eh! (Oops here the Canadian coming out...)

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That's how we learn, charmo. When we can't find the answers in the mosaic books, this forum is the best place to learn, IMHO. We have some very creative people here that are so willing to share their experiences. If I were working on your project, I'd put them on w/duct tape, then coat the whole area w/thinset to get it smooth. As your thinset drys, smooth it out w/either a brush or your gloved hand. Then when dry, use thinset as your adhesive to mosaic your pig. I use Mapei Ultra Flex 2 from Lowes. It already has the polymer mix in it. If you can't find Ultra Flex, any thinset w/do, but if it doesn't have the admixture already, get that and add it to your water mixture - about half/half. Or you can Google a tutorial on how tos on mixing it. I use the small plastic tubs you get at the $ store for my mixing bowl. Start off w/about 1 cup full of mortar, and add water sparingly, getting your mixture to peanut butter consistency. You can cover a small area w/a small spatula and put the pieces on, or you can butter each piece and place it on the pig. I might as well throw in that I use the mortar for grout the next day. It's a good insurance. That isn't necessary - just my practice. Since I almost always use black or dark charcoal (about half black and half gray) color is no problem. Lowes does have colorants, but not many.

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Slow, you're a peach. Really. All of us that are newer to mosaicing so appreciate the time you spend giving us quality information, and everyone appreciates the encouragement you give on each and every project. I know how much time you must devote here to responding.

Charmo, I even missed that the number was wrong while I was drooling over your cache. Wowee. I need a kick in the rear to commit some money to that sale. I've gone there and need everything, but am wholey short on cash for supplies. I do have a little sqirreled away, and think I should place an order. Somebody PUSH me in please!

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Slowmedown, thank you so much for all the info, I really needed it. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Daisy: Consider yourself pushed!

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