Finally got them done!!!

paintin_foolAugust 28, 2007

Hey Anj,

I finally got the cauldron, hat and shoes finished!! I had a few minutes tonight and wanted to get the link on here so you could see them. I've been working everyday and haven't had much time for anything else. I'll be off again Thursday, so hopefully I can get back here and catch up with what everyone's doing. Hope everyone's staying busy painting and having fun!!!

Oh, BTW, the Produce Mgr. at the store does quite a bit of wood cut-outs and painting - so she and I have had lots of ideas to share with each other. Neat to find someone else with the same interests!

Catch ya later,


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I love it! Halloween will be here before you know it.

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Lynn those are just absolutely fantastic!! I love everything. The shoes are my fav though. Your cauldron turned out really cute. You are so talented! (be sure to give DH his kudos too since he helped!)

Oh, I'm so glad you met someone who likes to paint too. Ya'll should try to get together and do a craft together. That would be fun and you'd get to know each other better to. If ya'll brainstorm any good Christmas gifts for friends and neighbors pass them on ok! ha

I have got to get to bed, but just wanted to let you know how great those turned out. Keep up the good work. I bet those are gonna sell fast. :) ~Anj

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For some reason, my computer won't open this for me. I'll have to see if DH can figure out why. I want to see them too, sounds so cute. I'll be back later. Luvs

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Wow--those are wonderful!! So much more....atmospheric than the usual Halloween stuff. You could make me actually like the holiday! :-)


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Thanks everyone - glad you like it!

Luvs, (and everyone else) maybe this will help - here's the item number for the ebay listing ( 330159933700 ) and I'm also adding a link to it. It actually has some more and different pics. Plus there's kind of a little story that goes along with it. :)

I know what you mean, Susan - I've never really been big on all the brightly colored, plastic halloween decorations, but since I've been doing all the primitive and grubby stuff...I might actually decorate this year!!

Well, it's storming here right now, so I'd better get off here....

Here is a link that might be useful: Prim Halloween listing

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Paintin fool, thank you so much for that link. ;o) They are just wonderful, and you are so talented. You did an amazing job on them. I loved the little story with them too, hope you get lots of bids. Luvs

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Lynn, I love your ebay listing page. You did such a fantastic job on that as well. Looks so professional! Wish I could take pictures that well. I like the story too. Very imaginative. :) ~Anj

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Thanks Anj, DH bought a new camera for me a few Christmas's ago and I've just had fun practicing with it. Probably the most important thing I've learned about taking pictures in low light situations without a flash, is to ALWAYS (or whenever possible) use a tri-pod. Since the lens has to stay open so much longer to take in enough light, it's virtually humanly impossible to keep your hands still for that long.

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Good tip, I should find my tripod and see if it makes a difference on my camera. Thanks! ~Anj

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