Trying to declutter and yet keep our treasures,

marti8aAugust 31, 2010

Tell me what you think. This is the way the bedroom has been: (Sorry about the light, the evening sun was coming in that window, and I haven't made my 2nd pillow sham either)

And this is with dh's grandfather's desk (we started refinishing and then found repairs that need to be made)

If the desk doesn't work here, I'll try it in the living room when we finish that room.

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I think it's absolutely beautiful. My mother has collected antiques forever--china, furniture, you name it. Practically all her "end tables" are some form of chest or desk or something, so for me this looks completely natural. I think it's adorable. (LOVE your quilt, BTW).

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I love the desk and always think it looks better when end tables don't match. The desk not only adds charm, but also function, to the room. Very nice choice :)

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I love it marti, and your bedroom is looking gorgeous!

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OH I love it too. I do not have any end tables that match and have an old commode for an end table on one side of our bed and just a small square table with drawer on the other side. All could change at any moment. Hehehehe

Your bedroom is lovely.


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Oh, I just absolutely love it! It's so beautiful! The table is gorgeous and it fits so nicely in that spot.

What a lovely and clean bedroom...which mine was the clean!

It really did make a huge impact and change...I'm really impressed. The old table kind of had a "hotel" look to it and just by adding that one desk the whole room has been transformed to be much more comforting and homey.

Congrats on an excellent decision!

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Thanks everyone. Dh even liked it. I hope it doesn't look overcrowded when I get the dresser back in the room on the wall opposite the bed.

lol krycek1984, that's because I moved all the junk into another room to take a photo. It's all back now.

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I think it looks wonderful! Great way to use that space!

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Marti, sure do love that desk. And the chair that you are using with it too. Is it some kind of Windsor?

If I were you, I'd put that chest opposite the foot of the bed, and then very carefully consider anything else. I will look again to see what you are using at bedside opposite the desk, but I don't seeing it. A small chest over there as a bedside stand would be great too. I use as big a chest as I can squeeze in, of the right height, and put the lamp on it. Great extra storage. Of course, the chests on BOTH sides of the bed are MINE MINE MINE. DH has his things in the oneacross the room from the foot of the bed.

The room is lovely. It is calm and very restful. I like your artwork over the bed too. The subject matter seems modern, and that made me look at it more than if it had been an expected subject matter. Don't change that out for a mirror or something like that, you have the best choice based on frames and colors. And I'm very fond of milk chocolate, and that quilt is similar to one I bought for a twin bed in my DH's sister's room for when she comes to visit. She is a nun almost 90 years old, and likes traditional furnishings. We'll give her that quilt when the house up north sells.

You've got so many projects going on at once, how in the world do you manage to keep your house so neat!!!!

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Thank you ML. I'll try to get a photo of the other walls. With the dresser in place, it's a bit crowded. Right now the dresser is in the den being a tv console. We just can't find one we like to replace it. Think we'll build one sometime.

I was thinking of darkening the gold on those frames. I originally bought them for just the frames, but I like the colors so will keep them.

Yes, that's a Windsor chair, one from my dinette. Eventually, I'll put an older chair there, one from dd's house.

krycek, we stayed at a hotel one time that had a desk by the bed, and I've wanted to do it ever since. Just didn't think dh would like it. It also wouldn't have worked with our regular sized shorter bed.

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marti I keep coming back to your photos, I really feel you've nailed it girl! I'm still struggling with my bedroom, and I just can't seem to pull it together right. ack! it's so frustrating. I love what you've done though, you should be really proud of it

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I love the desk! A family treasure gets my vote, any day, and besides--it's your bedroom, not 'public' room, so you can be a little more flexible in decorating. (I'm so flexible with our bedroom decor, you'll never see it posted here. :P)

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I love the colors in your room. And I understand about the dresser. Sometimes you need the storage more than the space.
Are those the same lamps you posted about? And the shades? You made an excellent choice. It all looks slightly romantic!

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Yes, these are the same lamps. I couldn't find any shades I liked at any big box stores so bit the bullet and bought these at a lamp store. Cha-ching. But they do just fit the lamps and now I like the lamps with my colors too.

Now this is why I am afraid I will someday be like my mom. The lamps were dh's parents. The desk was dh's grandparents. And we bought the bedroom furniture when we got married 35 years ago. Dh got them at a furniture store where he worked through high school and got a special discount as a wedding present. I can never get rid of any of this stuff now!

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OMG, Marti, you are sleeping in a museum! Just call it the LINCOLN BEDROOM. hehehehe.

Or find a sign that says, "George Washington slept here." No wonder he was the Father of Our Country.

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The Heirloony Bin. lol

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Marti ~ That desk is definitely a wonderful treasure and looks very nice in your bedroom. We hardly have anything that matches in our home. Our style is cottage eclectic, antiques, curbside shopped pieces, etc.


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