Tell me what you think of these chairs please

marti8aAugust 20, 2010

First of all, this is, or will be, my living room. I did a crude wall removal on the right side where we are going to enlarge the door opening and add a bar that will be open to the room. And I moved the loveseat in there, and it will stay.

Currently the fireplace is a kind of tan brick with dabs of dark red and brown. I'm going to paint it so it still looks like brick, but mostly red, with a little of the brown and tan. Dh doesn't know that yet, so shhhh.

Also currently, the walls are a butter yellow because that is the only color we have found to look ok with the fireplace (that's why I want to paint the fireplace) but I can paint the walls after all the kitchen work is done. The kitchen cabinets are going to be a dark reddish brown like the living room floors and the bar is going to be granite, haven't decided the color yet. It won't be an eating bar, just a narrow stand up bar - wide enough for a plate.

I wish I could put the chairs on this picture, but microsoft paint doesn't seem to have the ability to do that, and I haven't mastered Picture Perfect to do that either. So I drew squares. lol

I don't know if there is room for two chairs, and the guy is selling them separately too so I could get just one if they will look ok with the loveseat. I'm just not sure if the color will work or if I need to keep looking until I find something darker. I originally thought a soft tweedy brown would look good, until I found these two chairs tonight.

Unfortunately, I'm at the mercy of CL. After replacing both the washer, dryer, and central a/c, the budget is pretty slim.

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BTW, my loveseat is navy blue. I think the chairs look light tan, but it doesn't say in the ad.

Oh, and if anyone wants to toss out a paint suggestion, I'm open. Dh wanted those dark blinds, I wanted white, and I have disliked the dark holes since we got them.

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I just wish they weren't blue. I think there is enough blue in my house already.

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Marti both pair look really comfortable. LOL Paint them if you do not like the dark blue.

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Marti, blue and yellow is a classic color combo. They go together beautifully. On my monitor I'm not picking up very much of the wall color.
As far as the chairs, I would probably go with the lighter chairs. They go with anything. Its hard to find 2 navy colors that complement each other. I would also get both chairs if they are comfy and the price is right.

BUT............. it takes me forever to decide on decorating my rooms, I could be wrong.

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marti I like the tan ones, the arms look nicer on those ones and I think they work really well with your current brick fireplace. You could always slip cover them later if you want to change the colour? I would just make sure they are comfortable before you buy them.

btw, your LR is gorgeous girl, I love dark wood features, I think the blinds and floor are beautiful together and with your mantle as well.

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I like the tan and they are a perfect shape for taylored slipcovers at some point. Can't tell if the size works with your sofa. JC Penny and Ballards have great prices and well made ones, watch for sales on a daily basis.

There are a couple threads on "dying" fireplaces, with a lot of photos on the Dec. Forum. A much better outcome than paint and apparently many colors to choose from. Plus easier.

Depending upon the color you paint your walls, I'm not a fan of the dark shades. Love the layout of the room, you have so many options.

On an "ick" factor....I'm not becoming alarmed, but the stories lately of bed bug hikers has me staying away from used furniture. There seems to be more stories showing up, or the news is bored. It is either hype or real, but something I personally would check. The way the stories are told we could have them in "new" furniture stores too.

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You're right emigineer, I have seen those stories too and they freak me out. I even check the beds after my kids come visit.

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OMG, BEDBUGS!!! Well, they had a Hoarders show where they had to clean out the whole house because of infestation of those. The family lived in tents out in the yard, up in Massachusetts, and it was getting to be late September, with first frost coming around mid October. The house had to be cleared out so exterminators could tackle the problem.

But Mart, I like BOTH tan chairs. Maybe you can get him to lower the price a little by buying both chairs. And PAINTING the fabric would be easier on the lighter colored chairs.

I think you will discover everything dark is not a good idea. Keep the space evenly balanced.

Naturally the loveseat is a good option for a smaller space. And by having two chairs alike, you open up more possibilities with arrangements in the future. Get them both.

Don't sweat the color of the sofa or the chairs. You can get yourself some painter drop cloth canvas which is heavy duty and cheap, and then with a GLUE GUN and fabric glue sticks, can make some washable slip covers. Or just throw them over the furniture and pin them in place. The reason I have simple loose cushions on my living room furniture is so I can strip off the dirty covers and wash them easily. Two little dogs and parrots take a toll on furniture and tidiness! Such slip covers will look very casual and comfy and BEACHY most of the year. Lose them in the winter when dark colors is good.

But I like the way your fireplace goes up up, quite modern. The pair of chairs facing it, even from across the room, is a classic setup. They will help direct traffic AROUND and not through the middle of the room.

To combat the "dark hole" look of the wood blinds, I'd think about a swing arm drape on each window. The whole wall is so symmetrical that treating them as a single unit, one left one right, with the drapes tied back low left and right, would further call attention to the symmetry. The dark blinds would make it possible to keep down glare from the windows should you one day choose to mount your TV above the fireplace. Yeah, you can put a flat panel up there and build a sort of furniture box with folding doors to cover it when not in use, I suppose. But the box even if left open could give you a way to hide wires, you will also need a DVD unit there, or a cable box whatever. Unless you have what they are calling a MAN CAVE space. I think that is ridiculous term myself. What happened to COUCH POTATO?

Oh well, that just slipped out. Sorry. :) Been watching DIY channel, and it is heavy with testosterone and a lot of hollering, not at all laid back, like being at boot camp.

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I like those light-colored chairs, too. I like them with your brick and your current wall color, too. I agree that getting both is a good idea and I think your placement across from the fireplace is perfect.

I love your fireplace color in this photo, but as the owner of a fireplace I hate, I totally understand that it is what you like that matters, not those of us who don't live there.

I ran into this brick stain/dye a while back and considered using it, but my bricks are already dark and I don't think this process would work for me. So my solution was to decorate "around" the ugly brick - find things that look so good that you don't mind the brick anymore.

Here is a link that might be useful: It is in England, but ships free

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I like the tan since it is a nice neutral that sets off the navy love seat. However, if the price is right, (read inexpensive enough), and you like the blue chairs better, you can have someone reupholster them. A good upholstery person can do wonders and make a "new" chair from old.....for tons less money. You can then custom match the fabric to your paint. Plus, he or she gets to get the bedbugs out first. Tee, Hee! Couldn't resist.

I also like the butter yellow you mentioned. Blue and yellow are so pretty together.

You have a very nice home. If you don't care for the dark blinds and want white, could you get away with changing them out on the sly? When you husband remarks about them, just say "Oh, those old things? I've had those forever!" LOL. In my house, favorite cookies and extra backrubs go a long way.

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I agree about your fireplace too, I love it and it works so well with everything else in the room that me, I wouldnt change it but you have to do what you like

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I like your fireplace too, but totally understand it can be the focus of a great decorating problem for you.

Originally, the fireplace in the small living room in DH's cape up north was some gosh awful coarse brick that was stacked to protrude high up under the mantle. It had no redeeming graces at all. DH had grown used to it, and did not see what I did. But like a trouper, he agreed to making the changes I thought it needed to look appropriate in an updated sitting room. And that, Virginia, is how we got black granite tiles for the fireplace surround and the hearth too. I now love it. And so does DH.

The blinds can be taken apart and given a whitewash. If they are real wood, with some texture, that should be no problem. Even if you cannot take them apart, you can use a paint pad and do the job. I still like the idea of a single drape pulled back to the side on each window flanking your fireplace. It would tend to bring the whole wall into focus as a single unit. Thus taking attention away from the fireplace all alone.

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So Marti. Did you decide?? Your room is so lovely.

ML Great idea on the painters drop cloths. I am going to have to look into finding those around here. Maybe Home Depot.

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Thank you for the nice compliments. Luckily, I only showed partial views. If you could see my whole house, you would cover your eyes I'm afraid.

I haven't made a decision yet. Dh isn't in favor of getting any chairs right now and the bed bug thing has me reconsidering.

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Shades, yes, I buy my drop cloths from Home Depot. I get the canvas ones, not the synthetic thingies. Washing them in hot water, drying on hot too, will take out any sizing and shrink them up tight and strong. I use them for lots of things.

They come in all sizes. I've bought one that was 4 foot wide and about 12 foot long. It works doubled up on the sofa seat with enough extra to tuck it under on the back. You can be very inventive and cover the sofa seat and the cushion backs too with a 8 foot by 12 footer. Then whip it off and wash it when you feel like it.

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Thanks ML We will be going there tomorrow so I will see if I can find a couple different sizes.

Marti Can you spray the furniture for bed bugs? Like enclose them in big plastic tarps and let a bug bomb off inside. Not sure if it would hurt the fabric or not. I do think I am more partial to the tan.


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Chris, I bought some painter cloths to make slipcovers. Washed them ahead of time and they turned out very wrinkled. Be sure and look at the fabric content or maybe they needed a few more washings to do the trick. They ended up being painter's cloths.

I think too the larger ones are a best buy and run around $50. What is great about these is you are working with such a large piece of material. Less waste. But open one and check to see if there are any seams running through the piece. They do come in different weights and fabric mixes depending upon the manuf. Harbor Freight might be a good resource for a lower cost.

You and I are fabric junkies and possible to fine even less prices online.

My apologies bringing up the bed bugs. Seems to be the only news on this week. The only way they can get rid of them is freezing, which means leaving your home and I think it takes 3 times. I'm in a state they say has some of the worse, but things seem to be okay.

For fabric spray, use the automotive store. Better dye and less cost. They also have a larger selection of colors.

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