salt dough

missmosaicMarch 7, 2013

Can you make tile out of salt dough then bake and paint them?

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you can...but even with careful sealing they dont last but a year or two. Polymer clay is a much better option. once baked to cure it can be used in a mosaic or even outside even though the colors might fade. Plain white super sculpey can be purchased cheaply in large blocks at walmart-and painted once cured. Its loads of fun.

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Actually, I made a bunch of things out of salt dough about 30 years ago and still have many of them. Christmas ornaments, bread baskets. I sealed them with Varithane. They are in the same condition as they were the day I made them.

I definitely would not expose them to the elements or water, though. Not sure how they would hold up to grouting.

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Thank you for your comments !

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I would go with the polymer clay instead. I can't say for sure, because I've not made things with salt dough and kept them for years, but I tend to stay away from food-based (grain-based) materials for art projects. I've seen too many in thrift shops or junk shops that had deteriorated due to water damage or insect damage.

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it isn't until you put them into a mosaic that you begin to see they do change. They shrink and pull back from the edges of the neighboring tess. I did have to go back over a previous gift I had made and replace the salt dough with PC.

That said, unless you are stamping, you can go one step better that PC and having to bake it. Apoxie sculpt air dries and is alot tougher.

Here is a link that might be useful: AVES

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