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annieluAugust 14, 2007

I posted this on garden junk, because I have it in my bathroom. Anjabee hinted that I should have posted int here too! So..........

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Oh good annielu! I was giving you a little tease about it, but hey whatever works, right? ha It is so cute. I love the way you wrote the words on the edge of the shelf like that. Wouldn't have thought to do that! Looks like you have lots of cute details. Just noticed that little bee too. Perfect the way the birds go up to the point like that. You did a fantastic job on it. Thanks for posting it over here for these guys to see. It was definitely a great addition to your garden bathroom. :) ~Anj

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Thanks anj!!!

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Annielu, do you cut your own wood pieces? That design is the perfect thing for the shape of you shelf. Very cute, good job. Luvs

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that is gorgeous!!!!

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Hi luvs, I do cut my own wood, but this shelf my brother found at a ys for me.
Thanks, sassy!

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