Favorite feature in your home...and one you wish you had

lavender_lassAugust 26, 2010

My favorite feature is probably the high ceilings. We live in a double wide manufactured home and I love the vaulted ceilings. They're nice and spacious, but still not so tall they waste a lot of heat.

One feature I wish I had...probably a window seat with bookcases on either side. There's just not enough room in the bedroom, but I'd love to figure out a way to include this somewhere in the house :)

Favorite feature in the old farmhouse would be the brick fireplace...it's wonderful.

One thing I'd like to have would be a combined dining room kitchen...and a window seat with bookcases! LOL

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It's really hard to get excited about this place with an impending move on the horizon, but we love the ponds out back, both the big one the whole block is on, and the little one I built.

Feature I wish I had? I wish I could just take this house and plop it down on our land in SC. Tomorrow.

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favorite feature here? other than that it has 4 outside walls, window and doors (even if they don't shut)? well, maybe that I've never seen a scorpie in here?

one i wish I had? inside plumbing that works on a regular basis. you know - day after day, month after month etc.

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My favorite thing about THIS little house is the sun porch.
I love to sit out there when it is pouring down rain. I love to drink my morning coffee out there. And give my parrots treats out there. And I've been known to take a quick nap there too. My DH created that sun porch from a decrepit old screened porch, and so it is totally our invention.

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My favorite thing is, or was, my kitchen. I love to cook and this kitchen is big, two ovens, big refrigerator and freezer, and lots of counter space. But I haven't cooked much since both kids left last spring. Not as much fun to cook for two and right after they left I started having health problems.

What I wish I had are rooms with big windows overlooking the backyard and pond.

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Great question! Favorite: Hands down, my garden and workshop. It's pretty much the coolest thing I've ever had. I only wish I could be independently wealthy of the day job so I could spend hours there every day. (sigh)

I wish I had a spa (it's on the "someday" list). My life would be perfect if I could work out all day in the garden then wind down in the spa.

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WOW Hard to choose a favorite thing for our house so will do two. Sorry. I LOVE the door in the master bath to outside to be easily able to let the dogs out at night with out having to traipse through the whole house to do so.

I also LOVE my studio room, workspace. Well and the sewing room and living room kitchen and vaulted ceilings.

I wish I had a larger laundry room. After having had two large laundry rooms I miss the space in there. We are very basic here for laundry/mudroom. It works though so I should not complain.

Lavender-las I use an old steamer trunk in front of our master bedroom window for my Faux window seat. I do use it all the time too. I would also like the book cases on the sides but do not have them.

Great thread ML


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I love window seats too. Must be a comfort thing from childhood. And as I sit here writing, it is definitely something that could be done in my office/art room. Anything can be changed in here, too much hanging around as it is.

What do I love the most? Hard question for me, I'm always trying to change things.

Would really like to move the front door which can't be seen because it is on the side of a really small porch, to the coat closet and have a small foyer, plus a bigger porch. The cost of this is prohibitive and doubt seriously if it would add value to my small home.

I like my neighborhood.

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My favorite feature is probably the French doors that open from the basement to the backyard. Our house is a split-level, so it's a walk-out basement and those doors let in a lot of light.

One thing I wish I had? I'm torn between wishing for a more open floorplan, especially between the dining room and kitchen, and wishing for a screened porch...I guess I'd have to pick the open floorplan, since that would benefit me all year long.

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My favorite thing right now is the walk-in shower. My only regret is that it is a prefab unit.

I would love to have a kitchen on the rear of the house with access to a large screened porch.

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Steph, if you have issues with plumbing, is it the supply water failing? Is it the sewer line failing? Just which side of your system is not dependable?

Why I ask, have you ever thought about a COMPOSTING TOILET?
I bet it would work in your situation VERY well. I'm told that if I want one, to go ahead and get it for my garage redo, but don't tell anyone. A lot of communities object to having them around. Not being that familiar with their operation, I could not say...but I'm always interested in doing something out of step with the ordinary, maybe more eco-friendly, especially water saving. In your case, water is as precious as gold.

In my case, I'm loving my new "future" master suite as soon as I can take a bath in the clawfoot tub. And hang my clothes in the new walk in closet.

My future mini project is to add a window seat and tall cabs either side of it, in the dining room. LOTS of places to put kitchen stuff then, and file drawers under the seat too. This will make the dining room more functional.

After that gets done, I think we'll be looking at a kitchen redo. Then the garage redo. Might contract for both of those jobs at one time, with the contractor who is doing such a good job on our tub/closet bumpout now. My DH trusts his work from all the pictures I've sent him as work progresses.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Moccasin, when my daughter was house-sitting for friends who live 'off the grid', I stayed with her for a couple of days. They owners had a composting toilet (one bathroom/4 kids, BTW), and I used it 'cause I had to.

There was no odor, however it was late November, and that thing was cold! Also, we were cautioned to use only as much TP as ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, and drop in only the soiled TP--the wet paper went in a trash can. The toilet drained into a tank in the basement/cellar, where the solids settled, and were eventually taken to an outdoor compost pile.

My favorite feature of our house is the front porch, and our new french doors, but I really like most features of the house. I've always loved my homey little kitchen, too, but I'm looking forward to opening it up a bit, to the dining room. I wish we could replace the original window trim and molding--maybe some day!

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I love that we have finished the kitcen. Other than that, I love the open plan and the fact that we have floor-to-ceiling glass walls on either end of the house.

What would I change? I'd probably have more conventional baths and a dedicated laundry room/closet somewhere. The current bath is very MCM with a shared tub+W/D room in the middle, accessible from two half baths. Oh, and I would have skylights that don't leak.

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Jakabedy, glad to meet you! Don't recall seeing you in this neck of the woods, but have not been here that long myself.
Favorite projects are always the ones we've finished, isn't that the truth!

You have what I'd call a "Jack and Jill" laundry. It is surprising sometimes the solutions that builders apply to otherwise conventional homes. But at least your house had two crappers, which is a real blessing.

Nearly everyone tells me their skylights leak, but I still would like to have one somewhere it could do little damage.

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Okay, all this talk of skylights makes me wish for my very own little greenhouse. Just enough room to start some plants in the spring...and a little seating area with a small orange tree and star jasmine growing around the windows :)

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My favorite feature is a combination of a couple of things that work well together...the loft that shares the 2-story LR windows looking at the trees, and the wood stove below it in the LR. It's very cozy and has a treehouse feel to it, especially when it snows.

A feature I'd love to have is a south-facing window in the LR.

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I think my favorite feature is the electrical outlet on our fireplace mantel. It's so nice to be able to decorate it without having visible cords.

A feature that I don't have that I would love is to have an electrical outlet in our "broom" closet that houses our vacuums and floor cleaning equipment. Would be really nice to be able to plug in our rechargeable vacuum and Roomba there in the same closet that they're stored in.

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