seethrough grout

povertylodgeMarch 1, 2012

I completed a piece using tesserae of stained glass which looked beautiful and bright - until I grouted. Now it looks very dull. Does anyone know of something I can use in place of grout, which will allow light to penetrate the sides of the tesserae?

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Did you use white grout ? The color of grout seems to determine whether your piece turns out or not. Did you wipe off the final haze on the glass ? That can give it that dull look. I use tile sealer & that gives the grout a brighter , richer tone. The only clear thing I've seen is silicone and that would be impossible to grout with. I hope you get some more good suggestions !

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Thanks, toomuchglass! I used black grout which was probably a mistake but the problem was the light coming through the sides of the glass pieces was extinguished and I think any colour grout would have done that. I did wipe off the final haze and I agree with you that silicone would be terribly difficult.

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Next time try using silver tape under your sg it helps brighten the glass.Hope you understand .

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Yes,nanatricia, I have used britebak before but this was such a big piece and the tesserae were tiny so it would have been very tedious but thanks for the suggestion

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You can cover the piece with epoxy resin instead of grout, I personally dont like that look, but some do.
I have had glass do that and it is disappointing. what nana says is good. also, I simply prefer to work with small grout spaces, very small. and some ppl butt the pieces right up to each other and dont grout.

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I'm interested in the epoxy resin notion. Does anyone have advice on how to use it?

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